How Long Does It Take To Become A Wedding Officiant

The answer to how long does it take to become a wedding officiant depends on many factors. It can be days to weeks to get everything you need and become a valid wedding officiant. We’ll discuss the process of becoming an officiant in more detail below. 

You will also know the requirements and how long it will take to become a marriage officiant or minister in some states in the US. And once you’ve become ordained, you can read this separate discussion on how to perform a wedding

how long does it take to become a wedding officiant


Here’s How Long Does It Take To Become A Wedding Officiant

Becoming a certified wedding officiant can take you days to weeks, depending on the state where you’ll perform the marriage ceremony. Most states have simple policies and requirements for becoming a marriage officiant, but you should know your local laws well. 

You must know how to acquire the license, certification, and other necessary paperwork to perform a wedding legally. Some states are not as relaxed with their policies that you may even need to complete your registration at the court level to become a wedding officiant. 

Another option and quicker way to become an officiant for weddings are to get ordained by a religious organization. It’s even possible to become an ordained minister online. 


How Long Does It Take To Become An Ordained Minister Online?

One of the quickest ways to become a marriage officiant is to get ordained online. For example, you can go through the American Marriage Ministries where it’s free and will only take you a few minutes.  

They offer a free and convenient way for people to become ordained because they think it’s the couple’s right to choose the person to bless their union. After applying and becoming ordained as an AMM Minister, you will check with your state if you need to accomplish other requirements to become a legal officiant. 


Check the state where you’ll perform the wedding

In some states, AMM’s ordination is all they require to perform a marriage ceremony legally. Therefore, it can be quick to become an ordained minister online unless you’ll officiate a wedding in a state that will require you additional government paperwork. 

This can mean additional days or weeks, but you must know the requirements in the state where you’ll perform a wedding to ensure that you’ve accomplished everything you need for the officiant registration. 

For your convenience, you can check AMM’s officiant registration by state. It’s a tool that will help you know if online ordination is legal and officiant registration is required.  


What Is Required To Be An Officiant At A Wedding?

The requirements it takes to become a wedding officiant vary per state. In some states, online ordination is all you’ll need, and you won’t need to accomplish officiant registration to become a valid wedding officiant. 

For example, if you become an AMM Minister through their online ordination, you can perform a wedding ceremony anywhere in the US. You only have to ensure that you follow the local minister’s regulations. 

For example, you can perform a marriage as soon as you’re ordained in some states, while others will require you to register first with a government office. To avoid issues, read the state’s marriage laws where you’ll perform a marriage. 


Are online ordinations valid?

Online ordinations are valid in every US state. You only need to comply with the state’s local minister regulations. 

For example, in Lousiana, online ordination is legal, but officiant registration is required. You’ll register at the Parish Clerk of Court, costing around $50 with a processing time of about 30 days. 

Ordination does not expire, and there are no annual and renewal fees. But if you want to renounce your status as an AMM minister, for example, they can deactivate your minister account.  


Wedding Officiant License Cost

Getting ordained online is offered free by the American Marriage Ministries. However, some states require an officiant registration, and the costs vary for you to become a valid or registered wedding officiant. 

The costs to become a wedding officiant based on different officiant registration fees in some states range from $15 to $ $100. Most states will cost you around $50; remember to check their registered office.

And if you’re curious more than becoming a wedding officiant, here’s how to check if a wedding officiant is legal


How Do I Become A Wedding Officiant In Iowa?

Online ordination is legal in Iowa, and officiant registration is not required. Therefore, the most convenient way to become a wedding officiant in Iowa is to go through online ordination and become a minister. 


Who Can Officiate A Wedding In Montana?

Ministers such as online ordained ministers can solemnize marriage in Montana. However, no laws would require you to register with a government office. 


What Do I Need To Officiate A Wedding In Colorado?

You’re not required to register with any government office to perform a marriage in Colorado. But to become a minister, you will get ordained online. 



Was this discussion helpful? You just learned how long does it take to become a wedding officiant, which can take days or weeks, depending on the state where you’ll perform weddings. 

If your state only requires online ordination, you can become a legal officiant faster. However, some states require you to register with a government office, and the processing can take a month for some. 

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