How Long Does It Take For A New Fridge Freezer To Get Cold? 6 Amazing Facts!

Are you still unsure when’s the right time to store your frozen goods, so you ask, how long does it take for a new fridge freezer to get cold? It usually depends on the brand and model or what’s written on the manual.

But the fridge freezer could reach the ideal temperature after an hour or two. Time is essential in this process, including how long will it take for you to turn the fridge on before plugging it.

If the fridge is placed horizontally on your car, it’s a must for you to wait for a couple of hours to unplug it. It needs to freshen up and allow enough oil to reach the compressor because if not, it might lead to severe damage. So, like this process, you also have to wait before using your freezer, and you might have plenty of time to know it better.

There are many more things that you should know about this topic, so read further!


Things To Remember Aside From Knowing How Long It Takes For A Fridge Freezer To Get Cold

Aside from understanding how long does it take for a new fridge freezer to get cold, there is a slew of other factors to consider. These notes will help you avoid unnecessary situations and mishaps. And it will prevent affecting the lifespan of your fridge even though you just bought it. So, here are the things you should know or avoid after buying a refrigerator with a freezer.


Fact #1. Storing frozen food needs a more extended time

As we mentioned earlier, you need to wait at least two hours before cooling. However, when we’re talking about the freezer, where you store your meat products and frozen goods, you need at least 4 hours to cool. It needs to reach a lower temperature than the fridge.

But it could take longer than that if you transported the fridge in a sideways position since it’s necessary to wait a couple of hours before you decide to plug it on. And it usually depends on the time that it lies flat on its side. Since it’s about 2-3 hours before turning it on, it will give you a total of 6-7 hours before the freezer reaches the required temperature.


Fact #2. The ideal temperature for a freezer

So, you learned earlier that the freezer needs to reach an ideal temperature that’s perfect for storing and preserving food. If your fridge does not display the current temperature on the front door, you can check the temperature manually. Directly place a thermometer inside the freezer and let it settle for a couple of minutes. And it should be about 0 degrees Fahrenheit or somewhere near that.


Fact #3. Cleaning the new freezer before storing food

Even though it’s a newly bought appliance, it’s best to clean it before storing food, especially those with no containers and are most likely to be exposed. Also, appliance stores might spray some chemicals onto the fridge to keep them smelling fresh and unused. Or the chemical-like smell might come from the manufacturing process. So, those toxic smells can penetrate the goods and harm your health.

Mix 2 to 3 spoonful of baking soda in a bowl of hot water to prepare the cleaning solution. And you can either use this to spray onto the surfaces and corners of the fridge. Or you can soak a clean cloth and use it to wipe the unit clean and chemical-free.


Fact #4. Fridge door seals are as necessary as the advanced features

Well, this feature is more important than any other additional feature. If the seal malfunctions or it’s full of dirt, it won’t let the door close tightly. And this can result in severe problems. If you leave the door slightly open, it can give you a broken fan, compressor, and thermostat in no time. So, before and after buying a fridge, always check the reliability and efficiency of its door seal. You can also have it inspected every six months or so.


Fact #5. Storing food earlier can cause issues

There are a few things to think about here, such as the refrigerator’s position during transportation. We suggested earlier that you should give time for your fridge to cool before storing some food. If it’s on the side position, the oil needs to travel back to the compressor while upright. When you turn on the fridge, and there’s not enough oil, the compressor could have some defects.

Storing food earlier than the required or suggested time could lead them to spoilage. For example, products such as meat and fish or your meals from yesterday could instantly expire once you place them on the fridge that is not cool yet. What’s worse is that you could not eat them anymore.


Fact #6. Importance of defrosting

Defrost your freezer 1 to 2 times a year. This procedure is essential to prevent forcing the equipment to function and overheat. In addition, there might be some ice particles clogging the drain line or frost, minimizing the space in the freezer. These situations reduce the convenience and efficiency of your fridge.


Closing Insights!

And that concludes the topic about “How long does it take for a new fridge freezer to get cold?” The fridge usually reaches the ideal temperature after an hour or two.

You also got to know more about your new equipment and some things you should do to maintain its shape. These facts are essential for the betterment of your home and your unit.

We aimed to address your problem and make things easier for you, and we’re sure that we’ve done that. So, we hope you can also give back by taking care of your fridge and maintain its efficiency. Have you ever wondered what the coldest temperature for an air conditioner is? You might want to check that out.

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