How Long Does It Take Bed Bugs To Die After Extermination? 2 Best Ways!

Did you eradicate your bed bugs and wondered, “how long does it take bed bugs to die after extermination?” The truth is the time duration it takes for bed bugs to die varies depending on the method used.

Anyway, there are many things that you should know about this. So, today, we will explore the various time duration for bed bugs to die after different methods.

how long does it take bed bugs to die after extermination

Let us unleash our inner researcher spirit and start gaining more knowledge about the extermination of bed bugs!


How Long It Takes For Bed Bugs To Die After Extermination

To eradicate bed bugs, people worldwide hire exterminators to end the crisis in their homes.

If you are also one of them, you must realize that there is excellent news and disturbing news regarding the time duration it takes for bed bugs to die.

This news depends on the method your exterminator uses. So, how long does it take bed bugs to die after extermination?


Method#1. When the exterminator uses pesticides

When it comes to bed bug treatments, extermination often involves sprays to target the insects. Although the length of time depends on the type of spray, amount of spray, and its active components, there is still no doubt that the length of time it takes bed bugs to die can be bad news to impatient people.

Pest controllers usually use sprays to control bed bugs. However, depending on the brand of the treatment, the concentration at which it is used, and the active ingredients, the time it takes to kill bed bugs varies.

As potent as it may seem, extermination using pesticides often take weeks before every bed bug in your house is eradicated. To stop yourself from wondering the exact number of weeks it will take, ask your pest controller to give you an estimated time duration.

You should also expect that even after the extermination, eggs will still hatch but will also be eradicated for the infestation to be eliminated.


Method#2. When the exterminator uses heat treatment

Fortunately, if you are part of those who hired an exterminator that utilizes heat treatment, it would not take long for the bed bugs to die. Usually, it only takes a couple of hours to eliminate the infestation.

Another good news when you are using the heat treatment is that you have the choice to eliminate all the bed bugs in a couple of minutes. You only must increase your room temperature to 122 degrees, and you will eliminate all the bed bugs.

So, whether they are hidden on the mattress, or the frames of your bed, there will be no bed bugs left after being exposed to heat treatment.


How Long Should I Stay Away From Home After Extermination?

Although treatment using heat kills bed bugs as fast as minutes, it is still best to stay away from your house for an estimated 6 hours to prevent uneasiness. You may also ask your PCO for more information regarding heat treatment.

On the other hand, regarding the use of pesticides in extermination, you must know that pesticides pose several health hazards to people, unlike heat treatments.

Therefore, be careful not to return to your house right after the application because the amount of insecticide and concentration used by the exterminators can damage your health.

If you urgently need to go inside your house, you may use the similar mask and protective equipment used by pest controllers to protect their health from harmful substances.

However, if there are no urgent reasons for you to go inside, you must stay away from your house for two to four hours.

To learn more, you can inquire your exterminator regarding the possible health risks that pesticides may bring.

How Should I Clean After Extermination?

After a certain period of waiting for the bed bugs to die, you may wonder how you should clean after your exterminator completed their work.

The first thing to do after going inside your house is to allow fresh air to circulate within the walls of your home for one hour. Afterward, gather your clothes and your bedsheets.

Next, take the linen off your bed, remove all the clothes from your closet, and dry them over eminent heat. You can successfully eradicate the eggs and hidden bed bugs that you did not eliminate during the extermination.

Although it is guaranteed that extermination has killed most of it, doing these can prevent the bed bugs from ever residing in your house again. It would help if you also considered washing everything as eggs can still reside in furniture and towels.

Therefore, you must be sure and clean everything you can lay your eyes on.

Also, make sure to inspect all the crevices and existing cracks. If you still see bed bugs in there or in any other places in your house, get rid of those remaining by DIY treatments.

There are several options for these DIY treatments, like cleaning products and creating your sprays.


Wrapping Up

Extermination may take a while to kill the bed bugs, but they sure are worth the wait.

By learning how long does it take bed bugs to die after extermination, you will know more about bed bugs’ extermination.

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