How Long Does Egg Donation Take? 3 Surprising Things To Expect!

So you want to know how long does egg donation takes? The answer you seek is in this article, and it may not be what you are expecting.

Donating something that could help a stranger’s health or to fill in something they cannot have biologically is one of the most selfless acts.

It is always essential to take in the correct information before proceeding with it. Egg donations have become more and more talked about, but several individuals still have the wrong idea about it. This article will talk about what you should expect and what rumors about egg donors are false. Before everything else, though, we should know what an egg donation is. So, without further ado, let’s start!


What Is Egg Donation?

Egg donation is where a woman voluntarily donates some of her eggs for another woman to conceive. The egg donor needs to be in good and healthy condition. This will affect the eggs that would be donated. The woman must be confirmed to be fertile to be able to donate.

An egg donor must undergo several exams before she is allowed to proceed with the egg donation. This will include physical exams and psychological screening tests. You should thoroughly check their medical history. She will then have to undergo the ovarian reserve assessment as this will show if she can be a good candidate for an egg donation.


What Should I Know About Being An Egg Donor?

Egg donors are paid approximately between $5000 and $10,000 per cycle. Egg donors are paid so much because they are being paid for their willingness to undergo the many rigorous egg donation procedures. So, in a way, you can say that sum of money is to encourage the egg donor to go through with the tests and screening until they have finished.

Some states pay higher for egg donors because they have a higher demand for egg donations. The demand for what kind of egg donors is most wanted also pertains to ethnicity. The egg donors that are most asked for are Chinese, Japanese, and Korean with their entire ethnicity. But for those who only have a partial Asian heritage may be considered and encouraged to apply as an egg donor.


How Long Egg Donation Takes

Now you might be asking, how long does egg donation take? This process can take several days as many factors need to be considered before confirming an egg donor. The duration of an egg donation can last about 36-37 days. You will need to be religious with daily appointments; it is essential not to miss them as you will only be prolonging the process.

With this information, you will have to figure out when you will have your monthly cycle. So by the time you are given the signal, you will have a batch of eggs from your natural cycle.


How Does Being An Egg Donor Affect Me?

There are a lot of different assumptions about donating your eggs. Some think it could mean giving away your fertility forever. Some think they will only be taking one egg, while others think they are giving away all their eggs for that cycle.

But here is the truth: you lose a certain number of eggs during your natural monthly cycle. So when you donate your eggs, you won’t be losing any more than what you already do for that one cycle. Only instead of it being flushed out of your body will it be carefully preserved by freezing. They will then be given in tip-top shape to a woman in need.


What Should I Expect?

Egg donation isn’t a trendy topic that gets to be discussed so quickly. Many false rumors about the procedures were also likely started by some misinformation or wrong research. So, how long does egg donation takes? Here are some of the things that you can expect:


#1. Application

During application, you are already being assessed. They have specific criteria that you will need to meet. Conclusion: there are allowed to adjust the criteria for those who have already had children and those who have a history of successful egg donation.


#2. Medication

After they find a match for someone seeking an egg donor, you may proceed with the process. During the first few, you will be given hormonal medication through injection to help your eggs mature. Then, they will instruct you on how to give yourself the shot daily.


#3. Final step

You will be ready by the 36th or 37th day, but you will still need to be checked by the doctor if the eggs have adequately matured and are ready for extraction. Once you are ready for the final step, you will be administered with hCG shortly after; you will be prepped for retrieval. The procedure will take about 15-20 minutes. You should not be feeling pain during the process. It may be helpful to understand how long is the egg donation process


It’s A Wrap!

When you wondered how long does egg donation takes, you probably weren’t expecting it to be that long. We hope this article has shed light on the topic.  If you are thinking of being a donor, it is essential to first take care of your body. You may be interested to know how does egg donation work and how much for egg donation

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