How Long Does Crib Mattress Last? 6 Best Reasons!

Finding out if how long does crib mattress last is not as easy as you thought. The lifespan of crib mattresses can be affected by several factors.

Some of those factors are controllable, but most aren’t. It is essential to know them if you are planning to buy one.

how long does crib mattress last

Take note that if a mattress is treated well can easily last for a maximum of five years, and with the utmost care, it can even last for more than ten years.

However, your crib mattresses’ lifespan varies depending on several factors such as the materials used, how you use them, and the treatments and reinforcements.


How Long Crib Mattress Last

So, how long does crib mattress last?

The factors we consider when it comes to our baby’s mattress should be considered especially for a crib.

Although comfort is important, safety should be the top priority too. We wanted that our baby or toddler is not just comfortable but safe as well.

With that being said, here are several factors affecting the lifespan of crib mattresses. 


#1. Type

The type of mattress itself can determine its lifespan. What I meant here is whether you have an innerspring or memory foam.

The latter tend to stand less in the test of time, especially if its density is low. That’s because foam with lower density quickly losses its supporting capabilities and shape.

It results in indentations that can be harmful or, worse, life-threatening to infants since it has suffocation risks.


#2.  Durability

When buying crib mattresses, it is empirical for you to check the type of cover used in constructing it.

The construction and material are the most important indicators when assessing the durability of the bed.

Those made of thin covers, such as those made of vinyl, tend to lose integrity over the years.

As such, you must look for something that is made of strong and thick material, such as nylon.

Furthermore, those constructed with innerspring coil can also pass the test of time – not only for cribs but also for adult beds.

However, you ought to pay more attention to its coils. Because they tend to poke over time and suppose it will happen, you will have to get rid of them.


#3. Waterproof capacity

If your crib mattress has waterproofing capacity, for sure, it will last longer.

It is among the several factors that can enhance longevity.

The mattress’s capacity to deal with or withstand spills and other wet messes is vital since it is prone to spills of milk, water, juice, and even body fluids.

Some hardly believe that plain water can also damage the mattress, especially when it already seeps through the inner layer or the crib mattress.

It is hard to fully dry them, eventually leading to the accumulation of molds, fungi, and bacteria.

Those aforementioned microorganisms can affect the health of your baby.


#4. Stain resistance

When we talk about stains, we are not merely talking about it ruining the appearance of your pretty mattress, but it is more than that.

The presence of stains is a sign of a worse and serious problem.

For the reason that stains can accommodate germs and bacteria, especially when it has pee or other body fluids.

It is ideal for cleaning it right away.

Failure to do so will make it hard for you to get rid of it later on, no matter how much you try.


#5. Care and maintenance

As mentioned earlier in this post, your crib mattress will last even longer if you take care of them proactively.

Here are some of the tips for maintaining your crib mattress.

If you ensure to follow these steps, your mattress will undoubtedly last for several years.

Immediately clean up any casualty as soon as accidents occur.

It would help if you did not let them sit there any longer to soak into the bed

It will be worth investing in protective covers that can prevent liquid spills from seeping through the bed

Regularly inspect and clean the crib mattress to prevent critters liked dust mites or any other materials from accumulating


#6. Storage

If you intend to use your crib mattress for your next born or think of giving it to your relatives, how you store it will matter.

You would need to keep the crib mattress away from humid environments.

It’s also crucial that direct heat or sunlight will not reach your storage area.

That is because those can degrade the material’s structural integrity.

As such, it is ideal for putting the bed back on its original box, or if the package is not available anymore, wrap it in plastic.

Then, store it in dry and temperature-regulated environments.


It’s A Wrap!

How long does crib mattress last? As for how long can your crib mattress is supposed to last, it would depend on several uncontrollable factors. Some of them are discussed above.

But on average, the crib mattress can withstand three up to five years.

However, some of them can last very much longer than this, especially with utmost care.

And of course, the cheaper ones that are usually poorly-made too might not be able to pass the test of time.