How Long Does A Casper Mattress Last: Is It Worth It?

The answer to how long does a Casper mattress last is more than 10 years according to the brand itself.  But for complete transparency, we will talk about what you can expect with this bed. Furthermore, you’ll find out if a Casper mattress is worth it. 

If you are also curious about what a Casper mattress is made of, give our separate article a quick read. It will help you gauge if the overall structure of this mattress will last. 

how long does a casper mattress last


How Long Is A Casper Mattress Good For?

According to Casper themselves, their foam bed can last for up to 12 years. This is longer than the expected lifespan of foam beds, which is typically between 8 to 10 years. So which Casper mattresses are made to last?

If durability and longevity are vital for you, you can consider the Casper Original, Wave Hybrid, or Nova Hybrid. The Casper Original uses polyurethane and memory foam, while the Wave Hybrid uses resilient springs combined with cooling polyurethane foam, natural latex, memory foam, and gel pods. Finally, the Casper Nova Hybrid also uses durable encased springs with polyurethane foam and memory foam. 


How long is a Casper mattress warranty?

A tip on buying a mattress that is sure to last is by checking the manufacturer’s warranty. If it is offered for an extended period, the brand is confident with the build and quality of its product. For example, with Casper, their mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty that covers indentation over one inch, cracks or splits on the foam, and defective zipper on the cover. 


When Should I Replace My Casper Mattress?

There are many signs that you need a new mattress that is applicable to any brand of product you use. But with a Casper mattress, you can also be on the lookout for discomfort and deterioration of the materials once your bed is over ten years old upon purchase. Note that you don’t need to wait for the brand’s 12-year life expectancy to replace your mattress because it might even need a replacement after 7 to 8 years. 

  1. You toss and turn a lot throughout the night 
  2. Feeling of tiredness due to poor sleep quality and schedule
  3. Body pain from ruined mattress structure that no longer keeps your body aligned 
  4. Noticeable motion transfer when sleeping with your partner
  5. Visible sagging on the mattress surface
  6. Irritation and allergies from the allergens that accumulated on the mattress over time


How long do you have to return a Casper mattress?

If you bought a new Casper mattress, the brand offers a 100-night trial with it to ensure that you’ll feel satisfied with the bed. Once you notice no improvement in your experience after the adjustment period, you can start a return or exchange with Casper. Then, contact their customer support so that you can process the pickup and refund. 

Will you also get a trial when you exchange a product? Casper offers one trial period per product. So, for example, if you returned a specific mattress unopened, you’ll get a trial if you purchase that same mattress next time. 


Do You Have To Flip A Casper Mattress?

Casper mattresses are not flippable because each side is designated for a specific orientation only. Flipping the Casper mattress can ruin it because you’re using the top side as a base and won’t feel comfortable having the base at the top. If you want to distribute the wear on the Casper mattress, you can rotate it every 3 to 6 months instead. 

Do you want a mattress that you can flip? Here is a list of the best double-sided mattresses in the market. Some of them have a different firmness on each side, so flipping the bed will give you a new feel. 


Is Casper Mattress Durable?

Casper mattresses are durable because the brand designed them to last for up to 12 years. However, you must also use and care for it properly to ensure that it will last. Besides rotating the bed to even out the wear, remember to use the proper foundation and mattress protector on your Casper mattress. 


Does Casper Sag?

Casper mattresses should not sag as quickly as other foam and hybrid beds because of the quality materials. Just remember to set your bed correctly and check if you can read the mattress name, and the zipper is at the bottom. It would be best to use firm and flat supports like a platform bed, wooden slats, or, much better, the Casper foundation as well. 


Does Casper Mattress Get Firmer?

Casper mattresses will need a break-in period to feel firmer or softer, depending on different variables. Nonetheless, expect to wait up to 30 days for your body to adjust to the new bed. Of course, if you want a firmer feel, you can constantly improve the support by using a mattress topper from Casper. 

If you don’t want a soft bed or you feel uncomfortable on it, read this guide on medium-firm mattresses as they may suit you better. 



Did this article answer your question? We found out how long does a Casper mattress last, which is 10 to 12 years. However, you can still consider replacing it after 7 to 8 years if you notice discomfort each night. 

Overall, Casper makes durable products, and they offer a reasonable return and warranty policies for your peace of mind. We hope this article provided you valuable insights, but feel free to leave a comment if you have more questions. 

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