How Long Do Oriental Lilies Bloom

Perhaps one of the most common questions that the lovers of oriental lilies ask is, “How long do oriental lilies bloom?” Anyone who wants to brighten up their garden landscape wouldn’t be disappointed if they add oriental lilies to it. These fascinating blooms that come in different colors, shapes, and sizes can instantly bring life to your outdoor living spaces.

In case you’re not aware, lilies were generally spotted in grasslands, the forest, marshes, as well as mountains. However, today, you can find them in residential and commercial gardens across the globe. If they’re grown in the appropriate environmental conditions, lilies can thrive really well.

How Long Do Oriental Lilies Bloom


Facts About Lilies That You Need to Know

Did you know that around 80 to 100 species of lilies exist worldwide? You can find many of them in the United States, Canada, Japan, India, as well as Europe. Most Europeans love lilies so much that these plants instantly earn a spot in their gardens and homes.

Who doesn’t love lilies? They’re a popular choice for center bouquets and centerpieces! What’s more, this plant is associated with various symbols around the world. They represent fertility, beauty, fresh life, and rebirth.

In China, lilies are believed to bring good luck and a strong and lasting marriage. On the other hand, the Assyrian civilization believes that lily flowers are holy. Additionally, lilies also represent motherhood according to the Greeks.

However, despite their innocent beauty and vibrant colors, lilies are highly toxic to cats.  Be sure to keep your cats away from this plant!

Did you know that Callas, waterlilies, and daylilies are not actually lilies? Daylilies look similar to true lilies, but they’re not considered as such. The difference between both lies in the number of petals, anthers, and how they bloom.


Different Types of Lilies

There are different varieties of lilies that are popularly cultivated across the world. These include Asiatic, Easter lilies, Oriental lilies, and Trumpet lilies. Two of the most popular types are the Asiatic lilies and the Oriental lilies.


Asiatic lilies

Asiatic lilies come in a wide range of colors including various shades of pink, orange, vivid yellow, and red. Although they don’t have fragrance, they’re hugely popular among florists. Furthermore, Asiatic lilies only grow about two to three feet tall, making them the shortest among all lilies.


Easter lilies

Easter lilies, as the name suggests, are forced to bloom during Easter. Although this holiday plant is usually grown indoors, many greens aficionados who live in the warmer regions of North America also grow them outdoors after the blooming season.


Trumpet lilies

These lily flowers are called trumpet lilies for good reason. Compared to the other varieties, they produce smaller flowers that are shaped like a trumpet.


Oriental lilies

Among all types of lilies, the oriental lily is the most fragrant. In case you’re not aware, their scent is at its strongest when it’s nighttime. Originally from Japan, they grow taller than Asiatic lilies and could reach a height of about 2 to 8 feet!


How To Grow Oriental Lilies

Various lily varieties have different bloom times. However, all of them start to grow when the ground gets warm. Oriental lilies start to show off their gorgeous blooms of pink, white, and yellow, just when the Asiatic lilies are about to fade.

Since oriental lilies bloom in the late summer to early fall, they’re known to be the last variety of lilies to bloom. Additionally, they produce blossoms for up to two or three months. While most lilies prefer the summer heat, Oriental lilies thrive well in much cooler areas.

It’s important to note that they don’t thrive in boggy soil. They prefer rich and well-draining soil. To increase drainage and nutrients, you may add organic materials to the clay soils.

Oriental lilies also need to get at least 6 hours of full sun on a daily basis. They grow best when planted in groups with at least three to five bulbs spaced eight to twelve inches away from each other.

Why Give Greenhouse Gardening a Try?

Whether you’re planning to start your own garden or upgrade your existing one, consider trying your hand at greenhouse gardening – especially if you’re growing lilies. Although the growing and blooming seasons for each lily variety differ, greenhouses can make it possible for you to enjoy their vibrant and colorful blooms regardless of the weather outside!

In case you’re wondering, the greenhouse’s enclosed space protects your plants from inclement weather and allows you to manipulate and customize the growing environment according to your plants’ needs. Aside from the fact that you won’t have to shield them against Mother Nature’s whims, you can also extend their growing season!

It doesn’t matter if you decide to set up a hobby greenhouse, a mini greenhouse, or a semi pro greenhouse – the structure is more than able to provide your plants with a protective barrier against destructive insects and vermin!


Final Thoughts On How Long Do Oriental Lilies Bloom?

If you’re considering growing these bright and beautiful flowers to make your garden look extra special even during the coldest time of the year, consider growing them in a greenhouse. The next time somebody asks you, “How long do oriental lilies bloom?”, you can tell them about how a greenhouse can extend their blooming season.


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