How Long Do Mattress Toppers Last? What To Expect

The answer to how long do mattress toppers last can range from three to five years. Of course, you have to consider the material, product quality, and how you use and care for it. If you want to know more, continue reading.

Why do you have to know the expected lifespan of a mattress topper? This bed accessory is subjected to wear and tear, and it even gets dirty. You have to know when to replace it before bothering to store it for subsequent use. 

How Long Do Mattress Toppers Last


How Long Do Mattress Toppers Last And What Affects It

For starters, know that there are different types of mattress toppers because of their materials. Therefore, some might last longer or will hold much better against daily wear. But to give you a quick range to expect, mattress toppers can last for three to five years. 

You can have a quick idea of your topper’s lifespan depending on how long the manufacturer offers a warranty. Understandably, the thinner the construction of the product, the faster it will deteriorate. However, the performance of a topper is not dependent on its quality and form alone. 


Factors that affect the longevity of your mattress topper

You have to consider how well you maintain it and if you use it with care. Regardless of the material, consistent heavy pressure on the topper will wear it down quickly. You might notice some sagging after several years and maybe much earlier if the mattress underneath is already deformed. 

Finally, ask yourself if you clean and protect it from dust or moisture. You have to address spills and stains immediately and then dry the product thoroughly. To prevent the build-up of dust or bugs, you also have to use a protector to wash more frequently.  


How Often Should You Get A New Mattress Topper?

Some would say that they replace their mattress topper each time they change their beds. This is a reasonable practice because the topper can follow the shape of a deformed and lumpy mattress underneath. However, you might also use the topper to make up for a dented bed. 

In this case, the bed would be older than the mattress topper. Just to be safe, mark your calendar and get a new mattress topper every three years. This duration should get you the most of the product but ensure that you’re not sacrificing a good sleeping posture. 

You can apply the same concept of replacing a mattress when replacing the mattress topper as well. If you notice frequent allergies or body pain, then it’s probably time to change the surface you sleep on. Cleaning the mattress topper might not be enough to restore it if it has aged. 


Does Memory Foam Topper Wear Out?

All mattress toppers get worn down, even memory foam. Some particular models may be thinner at 2 inches, which means the cells will deteriorate or crumble quicker. You also don’t want to go over the memory foam’s weight recommendation or flip a one-sided memory foam topper.

Even if the memory foam core is more durable than other materials, consistent heavy pressure over the weight limit will damage the different layers. It is also why you shouldn’t flip a one-sided model because you can’t have the upper comfort side become the base and receive the weight. 

But before you give up on a memory foam topper, you can still experience the unique contour and moldability of this material. Our tip? Get a high-density foam because it will last for up to 8 years with proper care. 


Are Mattress Toppers Bad For Your Back?

Mattress toppers are not bad for your back if you use the same logic as mattresses. What we mean is that you must get the right type for your personal comfort preference, body type, and sleeping position. Otherwise, you risk developing an awful posture sleeping that can lead to back pain.  

More so, remember our tip on when to replace a mattress topper. If it has a dent or the surface is lumpy, your spine will be misaligned. So what is the best mattress topper for back pain?

Some good considerations are memory foam, latex, and even polyfoam models. They mold to the sleeper uniquely to relieve the pressure on the heavy regions of the body. Then, consider your sleeping position to know the ideal thickness and firmness that won’t deviate the spine from the rest of the body. 


Can A Mattress Topper Fix A Bad Mattress?

A mattress topper can technically fix a lousy mattress, but please only consider it a temporary solution. Do you want to go long-term? Then you should just get a new bed altogether to ensure that your body is well-supported and comfortable. 

A mattress topper fixes a bad mattress in several ways. For example, the bed has an indentation in the middle. Placing a topper will level the sleeping surface to keep your spine neutral. 

If your mattress is too firm or too soft for comfort, then you can get a mattress topper that provides your preferred feel. However, note that a mattress topper alone is enough to get you a suitable sleeping surface. It will eventually follow the form of the mattress underneath if you didn’t replace the damaged bed. 



In conclusion, mattress toppers also get worn down, and you have to know when to replace them. How long do mattress toppers last? It can range from 3 to 5 years, depending on the quality and how you use and maintain it.