How Long Do Just Add Ice Orchids Last

If you’re wondering how long do Just Add Ice orchids last, you’ll be pleased that these unique orchids will give you a dashing display for as long as four months. But another reason why gardeners love Just Add Ice orchids is that they are relatively easy to take care of compared to other orchids that won’t even bloom due to age or external conditions. Using a greenhouse can easily tackle the fluctuating conditions such as temperature, so the only aspect that gardeners can have an error in is the maintenance. 

This is where Just Add Ice Orchids become even more popular. These orchids are simply Phalaenopsis orchids marketed by Green Circle Growers with the premise of using ice cubes to water them. Because of the minimal and straightforward care, more gardeners are interested in these orchids because of the higher chance of success from the easy maintenance. 

How Long Do Just Add Ice Orchids Last

How Long Do Just Add Ice Orchids Last And How To Encourage Them To Bloom Again


How long do Just Add Ice Orchids Last?


Bloom for four months

One of Just Add Ice orchids’ most significant characteristics that makes them beloved is their lengthy bloom period. In general, these orchids are in bloom for as long as four months. Remember that Just Add Ice Orchids are Phalaenopsis orchids, which are also known for having long bloom periods that an entire life cycle can take up to 14 months.


The life cycle of 9 to 15 months

According to Green Circle Growers, a Phalaenopsis orchid will complete its life cycle from 9 to 14 months. And every 8 to 12 months, the flowers can rebloom once, which makes them a sustainable orchid to grow in the greenhouse for marketing. Perhaps you might consider growing them alongside blue orchids to offer unique orchids and earn more from your customers. 


Rebloom at 6 to 8 weeks after the first blooming cycle

If you notice that the plant’s final blossom falls, leaving a bare stem, do not immediately assume that the orchids are dead. It’s possible to get the orchids to rebloom after six to eight weeks at the end of the first bloom cycle. However, note that the succeeding flowers will be smaller, and the bloom cycle will be shorter than the first one.

The Just Add Ice orchid plant has used its energy for the first bloom after all. Once the second cycle ends, remember to allow your plants to rest for a while to rejuvenate itself for the next bloom cycle. This is where a greenhouse will be useful since it maintains the optimal conditions for a Phalaenopsis orchid easily. 


How to encourage your Just Add Ice orchid to rebloom 

You can do different practices to encourage your orchids to bloom again after the last blossom dropped. For starters, you should cut off the stem an inch above the second bract. These bracks are what protect the nodes where you can expect new growth. 

The greenhouse makes an excellent environment for encouraging the orchids to rebloom because you can manipulate the plants’ liking’s light and temperature. For example, the orchids prefer soft light instead of harsh sunlight. You can also ensure that the orchids receive cold night temperatures, which they like. 

To help your orchids rebloom, they should also gain back the energy they’ve used on the initial cycle. This includes applying liquid fertilizer and watering them. From the name itself, Just Add Ice orchids are very convenient to water without the risk of over or underwatering since they only require three ice cubes every week. 


How to care of Just Add Ice orchids after flowering

Phalaenopsis orchids will eventually undergo a resting period to prepare for the next blooming cycle. During this time, remember to water the plants weekly with ice cubes and feed them with a balanced fertilizer every other week. Do note never to water your orchids on the week that you fertilize them. 

The greenhouse will also allow you to provide indirect sunlight during the orchid’s resting period. You must maintain a cool nighttime temperature when they’re dormant to trigger reblooming. Generally, the day temperatures should be between 75 to 85°F and get the greenhouse cooler at night. 

For maintenance, check your orchids weekly and remove the spent blooms and dried stems. You might also encounter scale or white bumps, so treat the infected plants with rubbing alcohol and isolate them to prevent the infestation from spreading. You can make the same approach if you see mealybugs that cause fluffy white patches on the plants and spray lightly with horticultural oil if you discover tiny webs from spider mites. 

Lastly, Just Add Ice orchids can be prone to fungal diseases. If you notice a foul smell, it’s likely to be a bacterial infection, while no odor change can mean a fungal disease. For fungal infection, isolate your infected plants and remove the infected area with scissors before spraying fungicide.



One of the popular ones that leave a lower likelihood of maintenance error is Just Add Ice orchids if you want to grow eye-catching and unique orchids. You might immediately think how long do Just Add Ice orchids last, and you’ll be pleased that their bloom period can last up to 4 months. In fact, the orchid’s entire life cycle takes 9 to 15 months. 

More so, you can encourage them to rebloom after the initial cycle. Use a greenhouse to maintain the optimal environment for them, and you can expect them to give off beautiful flowers later on. 


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