How Long Can You Store A Mattress On Its Side? Read Now!

How long can you store a mattress on its side? It will last a year; don’t worry about that!

When you have a new mattress and want to store the old one, you will need enough space.

How long can you store a mattress on its side

Because storing your mattress in a cramped room could damage the foam.

Although there is still suggested time as to how long you can store it on its side.

You don’t want to store your mattress for a long time, or it will end up useless.

If I were you, I would sell it or give it to someone else.

But if you need to store your mattress on its side in the meantime, it might be because you are moving or you want to transport it, then read on.


How Long You Can Store A Mattress On Its Side?

When you want to store a mattress on its side, it should not last a long time due to particular circumstances.

So, how long can you store a mattress on its side?

A typical quality mattress could last 10-15 years if you are careful with it.

A mattress is built differently depending on the material, size, type, etc. And what you need to do is to take care of it.

If you upgraded your mattress and want the old to be stored while thinking of what to do with it, then it is okay.

You can store your mattress on its side for about two months and a half as the maximum time for you.

Do not go beyond that suggested time because you might cause trouble and ruin your mattress in the long run.

As you can see, the mattress is sometimes made of springs and foam, which should be laid flat on the floor.

Aren’t you curious why it is being stored lying flat on the floor when you go into the mall or some furniture shops near you?

It is not advised for it to be stored sideways since it may ruin its foundation.

You will also need to consider when you can do something about it when it is still in good condition.

Don’t wait for your mattress to just stuck up in your storage room and get ruined as time flies.

I can share with you few ways of doing with your mattress since it is no longer needed.


What to do with your old mattress?

When you have an old mattress with you, all you need to do is have some initiative to use it.

Instead of storing your mattress and wait for it to ruin, you want to follow the things I will mention.

You can make an outdoor mattress out of it to ensure that it has something to go to know it will be just stocked.

Another option for you is to make a couch instead of storing it up, and it may just get ruined and dirty when you store it.

But you also have to consider which idea is best for you, especially when your place is not that big.

Outdoor mattresses are often placed on gardens or pool areas which are only advisable in big backyards.

If your house is a massive one, you must have enormous space for your living room or even your bedroom.

And making a couch from your old mattress is one good thing to do. Aside from a bed, you have a comfortable couch.

It is always about being innovative and smart enough to put things up, which will take you to another level.

Reuse your mattress and start your own DIY project to save money and to give yourself something to do.


How to properly dispose of your mattress when it is stocked for so long?

That is quite a good question to answer. You can always think of what to do when it is just stored for a long.

If the mattress is already damaged, you can no longer find a thing or two to do with it other than dumping it.

You can always contact your dump collector for them to be able to prepare for how to dump your mattress correctly.

Or when a new mattress is delivered right into your home, you can ask the truck that had it to your house.

They can dump it for you since they have their own company space and dump section to keep their trash.

It will mean less hassle for you if that happens. You can always donate it to some organizations.

But you have to make sure it is still working well or usable. I have here something that might help you out.

It will lead you to more precise and unique ideas of what you can do with the old mattress that has no longer helped you.



When you purchase a thing or two as you would want it to last, you have to make sure that it is well kept and handled.

You can always have and find ideas to know these things to make your life easier.

Good thing we answered, “How long can you store a mattress on its side?” I hope that is now crystal clear for you.