How Long Can You Run A Pressure Washer? 7 Surprising Reasons Of Overheating!

How long can you run a pressure washer? It can go for five to ten minutes, depending on the type of machine you have. Then, allow it to rest, avoiding overheating issues. Some users would operate the machine for hours without the engine resting. 

While they say it is not an issue if you do not give it time to rest, still it’s unbelievable if it overheats the engine and pump.

How long can you run a pressure washer

All other components will be grounded or damaged after several days. It is best to handle it properly and take good care of it. Keep the do’s and don’ts in mind when using a pressure washer. Or else, the machine can no longer be proper than expected. Follow the instructions manual to prevent the pressure washer from developing mechanical issues or becoming grounded. This is just an overview, so you better read further!


Shut Down The Pressure Washer

Avoid spending money on the repair of grounded pressure washers due to carelessness. Never receive a phone call while doing the cleaning routine. It will only leave you distracted that you must not use it in by-pass. Shutting down the pressure washer is better not to leave the pump damaged. Keep in mind the gallons for every unit rating of the pressure washer. Sufficiency in water is there to flow throughout the unit. Water supply should fall at 5.0 GMP and more for the unit with 5 gallons of pump rating every minute. Anything more minor only brings cavitations that prevent the gun from developing a pressure surge. Permanent damage may also occur during worse conditions. A consistent water supply is a must for this machine to work correctly. Ensure enough flow comes from using a pressure washer as it prevents overheating.


How Long You Can Run A Pressure Washer: Overheating

The pressure washer tends to overheat, which is a bad thing. That leaves you thinking about what causes it in a pressure washer. It mainly occurs due to reasons that are as follow:


#1. Gas problems

An excess in fuel pressure can bring overheating in a gasoline-enabled pressure washer. Thus, check the manufacturer’s manual for fuel pressure before power on the washer.


#2. Time

So, how long can you run a pressure washer? Allow the pressure washer to run less than five minutes, or else it causes overheating. It is a culprit that damages the pressure washer pump.


#3. Thermostat

A thermostat in the pressure washer causes further problems that result in overheating.


#4. Wrong use

One more cause of overheating is when the burner nozzle is improperly installed. Then, check to see if the unloader is not set correctly.


#5. Hot water

If you pump hot water into a pressure washer, it can cause a problem if used for cold water.


#6. Mechanical problem

This problem can occur if excessive heat has built up in the entire unit.


#7. Failure in pumping an adequate amount of water

Pump a fair amount of water into the pressure washer following the GPM requirements. Check its pump rating for its directions.


Diagnosis Of Overheating In Pressure Washer

Feel the heat in the pressure washer when on by-pass. Signs of an overheating unit include extremely boiling water and a surge in the pump pressure. Stop using the machine and ask for help from expert repair specialists. The heating issues in a pressure washer are mechanical. So, do not use the system if this problem persists. Moreover, never fix the problem if you’re unsure how to do it. Guesswork does not help troubleshoot the overheating pressure washer. Here are the seven reasons your pressure washer is overheating.


Thermostat Role In Regulating The Temperature

Above all, a thermostat is an essential component of a pressure washer. This fitting component regulates the temperature to go below optimal or above. Understand its function in pressure washer as it aids in troubleshooting an overheating pressure washer. The device can have both a non-adjustable or adjustable thermostat. Water naturally heats more than the optimal temperature. Diagnose the thermostat if heat occurs to confirm the problem or solve it.

A fixed thermostat maintains the desired temperature of the water as it cycles the nozzle on and off. Set the pressure washer thermostat at the desired temperature to work effectively. Don’t overthink the temperature of water increases & decreases. Decrease the output of heat of a burner nozzle.

Nevertheless, a non-adjustable thermostat in a pressure washer causes a different problem. The burner nozzle fires non-stop so that the water temperature increases at a consistent rate. In this case, utilize a safety switch that controls overheating. In this case, the safety switch turns off after the water temperature is preset.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how long you can run a pressure washer as it tends to overheat, especially if you leave it running for several minutes and more. Water circulation occurs in the pressure washer pump head after turning off the trigger. Since overheating causes the pressure washer to become damaged, please don’t leave it in its by-pass mode. Take the time to read the instructions manual when you buy a pressure washer or use it for the first time. Provide an adequate amount of water to the entire system to not overheat the components. You may also be interested to know about why wont my pressure washer start and how to repair pressure washer hose.

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