How Long Can Dogs Go Inside After Pest Control? Helpful Guide

We consider our dogs to be members of our family. As a fur parent, you will ask your service provider, “how long can dogs go inside after pest control” to ensure the safety of your pet. 

Though pest control treatments are thought to have very few effects on pets, they still can be dangerous to them to some level. Dogs, to be specific, may absorb pesticides via their skin and breathe in the odor because they use their nose to examine everything. 

how long can dogs go inside after pest control

In such cases, you must take extra precautions to secure your pets before, during, and after a pest control service.


Can Pest Control Be Harmful to Dogs

This is a question that not just hundreds of dog owners in the region, but millions of people worldwide, are asking. Pesticides are hazardous to human health, but they are far more harmful to our pets. 

Chemical pesticides have been confirmed in a study to cause neurological damage, birth abnormalities, cancer, and other long-term consequences in dogs. 


Pesticides That Are Safe For Dogs

This article has compiled a list of pet-friendly pesticides that you can use to help you decide which pesticides to use:


1. Spinosad 

Spinosad is poisonous to insects but not to dogs. This is a mixture of two chemicals called spinosyn A and spinosyn D.


2. Pyriproxyfen

Pyriproxyfen works by reducing insect development and preventing insect population increase. This is safe enough for pets to use directly to prevent fleas and ticks. 

Dogs given a high dose of pyriproxyfen may vomit, but they will be alright the next day. Dogs exposed to a low amount will not exhibit any symptoms.


3. Acetamiprid

It has no odor and is made up of synthetic chemicals. It is helpful in the treatment of bed bugs. 


4. Lufenuron

Lufenuron, combined with pesticides that kill adult fleas, is a highly successful flea control method. Lufenuron has also been shown to be harmless to dogs.

Always read the label before using any product.


5. EcoSmart

This product is a non-toxic pesticide that kills and repels pests in the home. It swiftly kills bugs and repels crawling insects without leaving any hazardous residue or synthetic chemicals.

If you want to know where to buy ecosmart home pest control, feel free to click and read the article link! 


Things To Do Before Conducting Pest Control 

Before conducting pest control treatment, you must take the following precautions to keep your pets safe:


1. Inform your service provider that you have pets

Customers who have pets should be honest when they plan the services. This enables the pest control company to personalize the treatment to their specific needs, from the type of substance used to the placement of baits.

Notifying the provider ahead of time allows them to reassure consumers that pet-safe pest management is achievable provided steps are followed. Tell the customer what to expect and educate them on keeping their pet safe throughout the treatment.


2. Consult your veterinarian

Veterinarians play an essential part in the health of the animals. Therefore, you need to consult your veterinarian in this matter before the arrival of service personnel to ensure the safety of your dogs. 


3. Read the label

Even though some pesticides are usually regarded as safe, an incorrect application might cause toxicity.

One danger is overdosing. Before purchasing any pesticides, read the label first.

Avoid insecticides that resemble pellets as much as possible. This insecticide might be mistaken for food.


How To Keep Your Pet Safe During Treatment

You can keep your pets safe during pest control by moving them away from the area being treated. Keep your dogs inside if the treatment is applied outside your home.

Likewise, if the therapy is being performed in your home, keep them away from it. 

Why do we need to do this procedure? Read “why stay out of house after pest control” to know more!


How Long Before Dogs Can Go Inside After Pest Control

Allow the products to dry before allowing your dogs to roam freely in the treated areas. For exterior treatments, allow 30 minutes to an hour, while for interior treatments, allow 2-3 hours.


Dogs Diagnosis From Pesticide Poison

If your dog has come into touch with a pesticide, take the dog to the veterinarian. It is critical to tell your veterinarian about your dog’s chemical exposure history, even if you are not sure that he consumed or breathed any of the ingredients. 

Even if you suspect any interaction, the veterinarian will better know how to diagnose and treat your dog.


Recovery Of Dogs From Pesticide Poison

Recovery time is determined by the type of pesticide used, the amount consumed, and the time it takes for treatment to take effect. If your dog has reacted favorably to treatment, the veterinarian will want to keep a close check on him for at least 24 hours. 

A veterinarian will provide you with whatever information you require about your dog’s recovery and prognosis.



Proper pest control planning and application are essential when working with pets. Your dog might come in contact with the pesticide or have eaten a poisoned bug if you do not know how long can dogs go inside after pest control.

When the health and safety of your pet are involved, we never miss a chance. Our animals rely on us to secure them, and we should take it seriously.

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