How Long Can Bed Bugs Live? Interesting Facts To Know!

If you have pests at your homes such as bed bugs and you are bothered, you would want to know about “how long can bed bugs live?”

In that way, you will have an initial idea of how long they could stay in your bed or other broken furniture.

Bed bugs are not that bad to ruin things, but they can ruin your sleep.

It is not nice when you are tired.

Pests always come to visit us in the most unexpected time and day, so we better know how long they would stay.

Naturally, they live longer than you might think.

But then again, that happens naturally.

But if you do have a lot of things that can cause bed bugs to die, of course, they would not live that long.

Facts On How Long Can Bed Bugs Survive

If you think that you can ignore bed bugs crawling all over your mattress, think again.

They will disturb your sleep and leave your skin rash, which we think you don’t want to happen.

Fortunately, there are many ways to remove them, but it would be a challenge.

With them being able to crawl freely on your bed and their teeny tiny size.

Which makes them hard to find; they can live up to a time you might not handle.

These creatures are known for the bites they give to humans because they feed on blood.

But to give you an additional knowledge about them, they can also cause illness in your lungs.

It can be triggered by other minor diseases such as bronchitis and influenza.

These can be developed to be a respiratory illness if it continues to settle in the lungs, mainly in the alveoli.

So, you want them to be gone as soon as possible.

But how long can bed bugs live?

To give you an overall idea about how long they live, it’s ranging from 4 to 6 months.

But then, when we are talking about adult bed bugs, they can survive until a year at most.

It can sometimes depend on the temperature of the room they are in or their food.

Bed bugs are a great kind of pests that can even survive without eating food for so many months.

They can store enough food in their stomach that can help them survive the whole year.

But one thing that can help them stay in your bedroom for a long time is the temperature.

Sometimes keeping your place cool can help them feel even more comfortable and at ease.

It would help if you thought of eliminating them or reducing their life span to minimize them.


How can we minimize bed bugs?

To minimize bed bugs, we can give you so much advice about the ways and steps you should take.

We have tackled so many articles like this talking about bed bug remedies and ways to kill them.

Of course, we would give you one of the easiest things to use and the safest way to eliminate them.

They are susceptible when it comes to the scent that they are inhaling or feeling.

Lavender oil mixed with water in a spray bottle can be one of the safest ways to minimize them.

If you want to learn about making this mixture, you can check it out on our blog.

We have answers to some of your questions about bed bugs and the things you can use against them.

Another safest way to minimize or reduce them is to seek professional help.

In that way, you will be able to secure it.

But then the downfall that you might experience is that it can be expensive when you ask for services.

You can seek these services on the internet to ensure that you can simultaneously look for something that can be best and worthy of the money.


Can we kill bed bugs?

This question can require an answer that a lot of settings can justify.

If you think if we can kill bed bugs, of course, we can.

We must make sure our knowledge is enough and right before we pursue doing something.

If we want to, we can kill bed bugs, but there are so many ways to kill them.

But then again it is up to you to choose which method would be easier for you.

So, if you are thinking of killing it directly, here are some things you need to know.

You can kill them directly, but we discourage you from doing that because killing one of them by squishing can save others.

Just in case you do not know, bed bugs stink when you squish them, and the other can recognize this scent.

They might use this as a signal and would escape from the place where they are staying.



Great day to know more about pests like bed bugs.

And we can add the question “how long can bed bugs live?” to the list of questions we have answered.

With all the resources we have, we were able to answer it together.

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