How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Feeding? 3 Awesome Facts!

Are you bothered by bed bugs; if so, how long can bed bugs live without feeding?

Bed bugs are pests that can ruin your mattresses and beds. Imagine laying on a bed where all of them reside.

how long can bed bugs live without feeding

That would be the worst thing to happen for you.

You cannot sleep peacefully if that happens.

So, you should know more about why these bed bugs live and what they are eating for them to live.

Bed bugs are always present, but you must want to know if they are feeding and how long they last without it.


How Long Can A Bed Bug Live Without Feeding?

So, how long can bed bugs live without feeding?

Pests always destroy things that are useful to people, which is why you need to know their strength.

As for bed bugs, they can live more than you expect.

They might be small and microscopic, but the damage they can make is more than that.

You would have to know many things about them for you to understand how they exist.

But then that doesn’t end there.

So a lot of people might be able to suffer from these bed bugs.

With that, we have here a lot of information for you to learn.

Maybe you can use this for future purposes.


#1. What is the food for bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny organisms that look brown.

Their food usually is the blood of animals.

Animals that are usually warm-blooded.

But then there are types of bed bugs that specifically feed on people’s blood.

Imagine if they build up on your bed and suck your blood while you are sleeping.

They might cause a lot of problems and reasons for you not to sleep peacefully at night.

Usually, they reproduce quickly, and they would feed on your blood.

If you itch while laying down, those bugs might be there.


#2. How long do they live without feeding?

Bed bugs are worse than what you think. Not only that, they feed on your blood and build up in your bed.

Not only that, when you know how long they can live even without food, you might fear for their existence.

Bed bugs can live depending on the temperature and humidity of the room. It also depends on their age.

The older they get, the more days they can live without feeding. That is longer than what you expect.

Bed bugs can live from 20 days minimum and a maximum of 400 days without feeding.

Imagine that is without any food, they can still grow and live long. So bed bugs are hazardous.

You cannot feel them attacking at night when they are still sipping your blood, but they create an itching feeling afterward.

It also depends on your skin type, they might be able to swell after, and you’ll only see it after the damage has been done.

The problem is that you might not see it as something that would harm you or might as well get you confused.

They have full access to your bed because they can stay in there even if you leave it for a few weeks or months.

The best way to lessen encounters is to avoid lying down on the same bed every night.


#3. What to do with bed bugs?

All that you can do to avoid bed bugs is to seek professional assistance to ensure your welfare.

They can give you advice on how you can eliminate the buildup of bed bugs efficiently. One wrong move can worsen the situation.

Bed bugs are hard to eliminate, especially that it is hard to find reasons to know that they exist in your bed.

These people must be experts in dealing with pests, especially bed bugs.

I’m sure your place has one; look it up!

You can look for them on the internet to see one closest to your home. In that way, you can enquire easily.

Let them do their job.

Exterminators know more about destroying these pests, making sure not a single one of them would live.

Or if you think that your bed is already old and you need to replace it, maybe you can buy a new one to get rid of the bed bugs.

It is up to you on how you should deal with this one, and you also need to consider the amount of money you will need.

Excellent services come with big money of payment and tip if and only if you are satisfied with their service.

But the main goal is still for your convenience.

So, you still win at the end of the day.

You can sleep peacefully knowing that no bed bugs would bite you and cause swelling in your skin the morning after.

Bed bugs will not occur if you keep your mattress clean.

One way is steam cleaning. You can know more about how to steam clean a mattress.

Nevertheless, that is all.



That ends our article for today. We hope that as you learn, you also had fun with the discussion we have shared.

Regardless, now that we answered, “How long can bed bugs live without feeding?” I hope you learned a lot!