How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without A Host? Amazing Facts!

Do you want to know how long can bed bugs live without a host? Then, read on!

Bed bugs are pests that you would not like to have at home. They are very dangerous even when they are small.

how long can bed bugs live without a host

Indeed a tiny but terrible kind of creature you will see. Not because it is a pest, but because of the things it can do.

When you are so tired of work, you would always want to rest and on a good bed.

But then what if there are things that hinder you from sleeping peacefully on your bed which should be your territory.

You might now be aware most of the time, but there are certain events where you have roommates.

Such an innocent person just wanting to rest but was bothered by small and non – visible pests.


How Long Bed Bugs Live Without A Host

So, how long can bed bugs live without a host?

If you wonder about bed bugs and their hosts, you have nothing to worry about because we will help you out.

We will enlighten you and give you more information more than just the answer to your question.

There are different approaches to learning these things. But we will be straightforward with you.

That’s for you to realize that bed bugs are not a joke that you can just let them pass.

You must be very careful among these tiny creatures that can ruin your whole night’s sleep.

Bed bugs feed by sucking blood. Yes, that’s right, they are like mosquitoes that suck human and animal blood.

The only difference is that mosquitoes would be known if they attack because they leave a sting or itch while sucking.

As for the bed bugs, do it peacefully without knowing anything but the effect is visible the following day.

They would often leave itch and swelling on the area where they sucked. Imagine sleeping. Then you wake up having swells all over your body.

Nothing is more tragic than that. The trauma will give you would bother for an extended period.


This is how long bed bugs can live without a host

It is pretty amazing for you to know, but you are free to react to how this information can affect you.

Even without an animal or human host, bed bugs can live up to 5 months in maximum.

Yes, you have read that right. It happens because when the bugs feed, they make sure they have enough.

You would know the length of their lifespan without a host for the following reasons.

Number one is how long do they develop and what are their stage in life growth.

Adults might need less than those young ones because they need it to grow more and foster.

Adults could always fight not to get hungry as long as their young ones are feeding.

Just like humans, we often sacrifice for the younger generation since they will be the ones to represent us in the future.

But then, going back to the topic, bed bugs can live up to 5 months maximum even without a host where they can suck blood.

One thing that animals and pests can tell as their advantage is the power they hold to stack more food.

They are usually used to hibernation, which allows them to have a mindset of preserving food for the following days.

When they suck blood from the host, they make sure that it would last for a long time.

Even pests are wise enough. They think of how to survive once the host notices that they are present.

Right before you notice their invasion, they already have gathered a lot of blood in their stomachs.


What To Do With Bed Bugs?

To eliminate bed bugs, you will need to make sure that you are sure that they are present.

Second, you can choose whether to do things and solutions independently or have help from professionals.

It is always safer to ask for professional work, but it is also more expensive for you and your budget.

But you can always use other resources such as the internet to find out answers and steps.

There are always advances that can answer your questions and steps to make a particular thing.

One problem is that you do not know if it is helpful, or else when you do it wrongly, it might worsen the situation.

For professionals, they are already used to making this kind of process and making it faster and easier.

It will also mean that less hassle for your time, and you can solve it faster.

You can always find companies who offer home services and provides a good and reasonable price.

Look for it on your locals, not specifically for bed bugs but for pests that invade your household would do.

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And that speaks about answering “How long can bed bugs live without a host?”

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