How Long Before Wedding Can You Make Bouquet

It’s important to know how long before wedding can you make bouquet, which is 24 hours before the wedding day itself. We will also talk about the expected freshness longevity of a wedding bouquet and include the best flowers to use for a wedding to avoid wilted floral arrangements at the ceremony or reception. 

Furthermore, this guide is also ideal for those who want to create other wedding floral needs to ensure that they will look vibrant and stay fresh on your wedding day. But first, please know how to calculate how many flowers are for a wedding to know the pieces to order. 

how long before wedding can you make bouquet


DIY Wedding Bouquet Basics: How Long Before Wedding Can You Make Bouquet?

The best time to make wedding bouquets is the night or day before the wedding itself. So, for example, if the wedding is on a Saturday, you can make the wedding bouquets on Friday afternoon or evening to ensure that they’ll still be fresh on the ceremony the next day. 

If you don’t have many duties and tasks on the wedding day itself, you can also do the bouquets on the morning of the ceremony. However, this depends on how many bouquets you’re doing, arrangement intricacy, and the size of the floral arrangements. 

To give you an idea for time management, it can take 45 minutes to an hour to make a bridal bouquet. And as for smaller bouquets held by the bridal party or couple’s mothers, you can allocate 30 minutes per bouquet. 


How Far In Advance Can You Get Flowers?

Before making wedding bouquets, you must know the ideal time to order or have them delivered. The blooms shouldn’t wait too long after cutting as this will also shorten their freshness lifespan. 

With proper care and depending on the type of flower, freshly cut blooms can only last for 7 to 10 days. So if you’re gathering flowers from your garden for the DIY bridal bouquet, keep these days in mind and know how to make them last longer. 

If you contact a florist for the wedding flowers you’ll arrange yourself; you can call as early as six months to secure your spot. Remember that some flowers need to be sourced from other places, so if you don’t want basic blooms for your bouquets, you must also order them early. 

When to have your ordered flowers delivered? Consider receiving the flowers a few days before the wedding, so you can rejuvenate them for arranging on the night before the wedding.


How Do I Keep My Wedding Bouquet Fresh Overnight?

After you order the flower for the wedding bouquets, ask the florist and deliver them two days before the wedding since you’ll do the bouquets on the night before the wedding. For example, the flowers will arrive on a Thursday so that you can rehydrate them overnight. 

You’ll make the wedding bouquet on Friday night and then store the arrangement for use on the Saturday wedding. Don’t forget to prepare everything you’ll need before the ordered flowers even arrive. 

Have several buckets filled with clean water and tools for cutting blooms and stems. Then, secure a cool spot in the house.


How do you revive fresh-cut flowers for a wedding bouquet?

  1. Take each flower, cut its stem at a 45-degree angle, and clean the lower portion from leaves that might get soaked in the water
  2. Place them in the buckets with clean water for six hours to rehydrate them 
  3. Do not take the flowers from their original packaging for two hours, then remove them afterward
  4. Place the flowers away from sunlight or heat and change the bucket water once it gets dirty


How to store wedding bouquets overnight?

  1. After you made the wedding bouquets on the day before the wedding, you will store them in the part of the refrigerator without food and other perishable items
  2. Put the wedding bouquet in a vase with clean water and set the fridge to 40°F


How to transport wedding bouquets?

  1. Place the wedding bouquets on vases with some clean water and secure the vases inside a delivery box
  2. Arrange the vases so they won’t tilt during travel
  3. For smaller bouquets and if the travel duration is short, you won’t need a vase, but you can wrap the stems in a damp paper towel instead


When Should You Make Wedding Flowers?

For other wedding flowers, here is the best timeline to make these arrangements:

  • Corsages and boutonnieres: a day before the wedding; 2 hours of work per piece
  • Floral centerpieces: two days before the wedding; 3 hours of work for every 10+ decors 

Store the corsages and boutonnieres inside a box and mist them lightly before putting them in the fridge with the bouquets. 


What Flowers Should Not Be In A Wedding Bouquet?

These are the flowers that are not long-lasting for a wedding bouquet:

  • Daffodils
  • Poppies
  • Tulips
  • Peonies
  • Lilacs
  • Lilies
  • Hydrangeas
  • magnolias

Confused about making bouquets? Here’s a tutorial on how to make a fresh flower wedding bouquet



And that’s it! To recap how long before wedding can you make bouquet, do it a day before the event or the night before the wedding. 

Remember to also have the blooms delivered two days before the wedding to rejuvenate them for arrangements. And finally, know the best flowers to use for a wedding bouquet. 

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