How Long After Rotator Cuff Surgery Sleep In Own Bed? Read This!

Have you ever experienced or encountered an operation on a tear in their shoulder and wondered, “How long after rotator cuff surgery sleep in own bed?”

After this surgery, it might take a little longer for you to feel the homeness of your bed due to some reasons.

How long after rotator cuff surgery sleep in own bed

My friends, it may be due to post-operative care, rehabilitation, and other reasons that we will discuss thoroughly in this article.

It is unfortunate not to sleep comfortably in your favorite sleeping position after a rotator cuff repair.

At the same time, you are not able to sleep on your bed!

And to determine the answer to this question being pondered, we must first familiarize ourselves with what we should expect after a rotator cuff surgery.

You might be worried that this surgery will take a lot of time to recover and keep your distance away from your bed.

But this article will help you ease your mind.

Keep on reading to know more!


What To Expect After A Rotator Cuff Surgery

Every time I am going camping or having a sleepover at my friend’s house, I would always miss my bed and feel a little homesick.

It’s just so comfortable sleeping in your bed, and it feels like heaven, do you agree?

How bad will you ever feel if the reason why you could not sleep in your bed is for your benefit?

After surgery, there are still a lot of protocols that you should follow to recover fully.

Well, you certainly don’t want any complications in your recovery.

So, to understand this situation, you should learn about what to expect after a rotator cuff surgery.

We looked up some possible expectations after this surgery which could affect how long after rotator cuff surgery sleep in own bed.

And here they are:


#1. Post-operative care

The first reason mentioned earlier is post-operative care, where the medical staff takes a closer look at you after the surgery.

There might be surgical complications and side effects from the repair, including complications from the anesthesia, infection, and many more.

After this surgery, your shoulder will be placed on a string as prescribed by your orthopedic doctor.

Post-op care also includes learning how to use and wear this sling, which helps heal the rotator cuff tendon.

So, it is advisable to seek help from your doctor if there are any confusions regarding the sling.

Your recovery time will be bearable and won’t last long if you make sure to follow everything your doctor says.


#2. Sleeping on a recliner or sofa is more advisable

Rotator cuff surgery can affect your sleeping position, and being able to sleep days after this surgery will be a challenge.

Even a moderate pain in your shoulder could give you discomfort and prevent you from having a good sleep.

It is recommended to sleep in a reclining position, easier on a recliner or a sofa.

Sleeping on this type of furniture will allow you to have reduced tension on your shoulder and its surrounding tissues.

However, you can still use your bed, but it will require lots of pillows for support.

And having a lot of pillows still feels like heaven, right?

Well, except for the shoulder pain if it’s in an uncomfortable position.


#3. Physical rehabilitation

This one is somehow connected to the first reason since it can be a part of post-operative care.

But this depends on the intensity of your shoulder pain and how long your body recovers.

The factors mentioned can affect your stay at the hospital, which means you’re still sleeping on those single-unit hospital beds with only one foam and about two pillows.

Your physical therapist will help you regain motion, muscle strength, and coordination.

This procedure will include executing activities ranging from mild to intense exercises every therapy session.

It may take a while, but this will surely help you make your way back to your everyday lifestyle.

We should remember that the healing process needs time and a lot of patience.

In some cases, patients are discharged after 1-2 days of surgery if there are no complications or other factors that you should monitor.


Wrapping Up

And this is all the information we’ve gathered regarding our topic, “How long after rotator cuff surgery sleep in own bed?”

The three reasons mentioned are the most common situations you will encounter after a rotator cuff surgery that will affect how long you will enjoy your bed.

Fortunately, the estimated length will only be about 3-5 days.

Phew, what a relief!

Remember to learn more about the situations you should expect after a rotator cuff surgery and how this will affect your distance away from your bed.

We hope that this article helped you out!

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Nevertheless, we hope you enjoyed reading!