How Hot Is Hair Dryer? In 2 Easy Steps!

The question is: how hot is hair dryer? Although you can achieve a better hairstyle with this device, it can cause damage to your hair, including thinning, dryness, roughness, or even hair color loss. It can be hard to avoid using this hair styling tool since it looks good. 

However, it would be best to take some precautions to avoid heat damage. Most people are getting rid of their hair dryer when it overheats, but you can’t just throw it away and buy another one once it happens. 

how hot is hair dryer

In this post, you will find out why the hair dryer heats up. More importantly, we will provide you with ways to prevent damage to your hair. Let us discuss more on this below. Keep reading!


Will My Hair Dryer Cause Damages To My Hair?

Yes, hair dryers can damage your hair. The same is valid with any other styling tool. The hair dryer is putting pressure on the shafts of the hair. It weakens the strands resulting in frizzy and broken hair with split ends. Even if you get the best ceramic or tourmaline hair dryers, heat will still be emitted. Although fancy hair dryers can reduce heat damage and strain to your hair, they won’t protect the hair from being damaged completely. 


Steps To Reduce Heat Damage Cause By A Hair Dryer

Although heat damage can’t be avoided, you can take some steps to reduce it. Ensure to follow the steps below to ensure the health of your hair even if you are using a hair dryer constantly. 


#1. Limiting your heat usage

As a general rule, you should set the dryer at its lowest temperature setting only when drying your hair. You should only set it at 410 degrees Fahrenheit or even lower. Any temperature higher than this, the keratin in the hair will melt out. You should also limit the hair dryer’s contact with your hair. Avoid holding it directly. 


#2. Don’t use on too wet hair

Using a hot tool onto dripping hair only means that you are frying it. When wet, the hair is more fragile. Although hair dryers are designed for hair drying, you should not use them right after taking a show as they can significantly damage your hair. To dry it quickly, you need to wrap your hair in an absorbent towel. Please do this for a couple of minutes before air-drying it. Once done, use the hair dryer on its medium heat setting. Ensure to keep it away from the hair, and do not forget to apply any heat protectant product. 


Preventing The Overheating Of Your Hair Dryer

Your hair dryer would require maintenance every once in a while, especially when you notice that it overheats. If the pores are clogged, they tend to overheat. In such a case, you need to rub a sponge onto the grate to remove the hair on it. For instance, when you use the tool for a more extended period, it might overheat and shut down automatically. In such a case, you need to unplug it and allow it to cool down.

The tunnel holding its heating element might have a hair buildup. It is also possible in the area surrounding its fan spindle. Ensure to clean those parts to prevent overheating of your hair dryer. Those steps should be enough to prevent overheating. Otherwise, you might need to get rid of your hair dryer already, and it’s about time that you purchase another one, or else it can cause a fire hazard. 



Here are some answers to your questions:


#1. What to do when the dryer gets too hot to touch?

Some hair dryers are more prone to overheating. You need to ensure that the one you use is not a cheap model. But overheating can also be caused by the hair and dust accumulation in the air holes that are clogging them. Clean this up two times a week at the very least as a part of its maintenance. A paperclip can be used in scraping out the tiny holes when cleaning the dust. You also need to clean up the grate of the hair dryer. Avoid using tissues or cotton swabs as some lint can be left behind. A makeup sponge is the best trick for this. Rub it onto the grate. 


#2. What temperature to set my hair dryer?

The temperature will vary depending on the type of hair. Those with fine hair need to set it at medium heat. Most hair dryers come with an adjustable temperature feature, but if yours does not, then consider getting a new one with this feature.

So, you’ve known how hot is hair dryer!


It’s A Wrap!

Getting answers to the question: how hot is hair dryer is essential since this tool can inevitably cause heat damage. But you can use the correct drying technique, buy a new hair dryer, and use protectants as some precautionary measures to avoid heat damage. At the end of the day, the best thing to avoid breakage and damage is to prevent using hot styling tools daily. However, if you need to blow-dry each day, ensure to take precautions.

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