How Far In Advance Should You Book A Wedding Venue

Those who want to know how far in advance should you book a wedding venue can start as early as a year before the wedding. And if you’re also curious if booking the wedding venue should top your wedding to-do list, then continue reading below. 

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how far in advance should you book a wedding venue


How Far In Advance Should You Book A Wedding Venue: Best Time 


When to start researching wedding venues?

You can start researching and finding prospective wedding venues according to your vision for your wedding as early as a year in advance. You can even list the potential wedding venues as far or as early as possible since you’re not committing to any of them anyway.

This way, you and your partner will have an idea of the budget you’ll need. It will also help you compare different locations and determine at least the top three choices.

You have a year to decide which wedding venue to book according to the type and theme of the wedding you’re having. Just make sure to consider the venue’s accessibility to the other wedding guests.


How early can you book a wedding venue?

You can book your wedding venue nine months before the wedding day. You can even secure the location much earlier, at 12 months, especially if you’re having the wedding during peak season. 

A timeframe of 9 to 12 months before the wedding is ideal for booking a wedding venue because you’ll secure the place for your event and avoid needing to rush and settle to what’s only available. But of course, it’s still possible to book a venue for under nine months. 

The advantage of booking the venue as early as you can is you can ensure that it’s the place you want for your union. Furthermore, you may even score discounts and save more on venue expenses


When should you book your wedding venue?

The best time to book your wedding venue is during the season or month where you think you can get the most out of it. For example, outdoor weddings may look best during fall or spring for the guests’ comfort.

If you want a summer wedding by the beach, on the other hand, you may need to book the wedding venue earlier than the nine months suggested. And if your chosen wedding day is during peak season, you must book the venue as early as you can.

You can secure the venue for the date and time you want. Otherwise, you may need to pick another location that is not fully booked yet. 


Should you book your wedding venue sooner or later?

It’s better to book a wedding venue as soon as possible than to rush when the wedding date is close. However, it’s possible to book a wedding venue close to the wedding date since there are places where you can get married at the spur of the moment. 

Couples wanting an elopement will still benefit from booking their venue early on since they can make it as intimate as possible. Otherwise, if you’re rushing to find a venue, you might need to invite more guests since more people will also know about your wedding. 


How Soon After Engagement Should You Book A Venue?

If you’re unsure if you must book your wedding venue early, a good clue is the date of your engagement. Ideally, you can wait three weeks to a month after the engagement to book the wedding venue. 

You and your partner can still spend several weeks enjoying being engaged before dealing with wedding planning duties. This is also enough time to relax while looking around places and hearing stories from other couples if they recommend a place. 


Do You Pick A Wedding Date Or Venue First?

Planning ahead is essential when having a wedding. And when it comes to the things you must plan, you start with the wedding date.

Then, find the venue that can accommodate your selected wedding date and the vendors. If you don’t have one yet, here is how to pick a wedding date


Can You Book A Wedding Venue 2 Years In Advance?

Booking early is best with wedding venues. However, it’s unnecessary to go earlier than a year to secure a location. 

Nonetheless, it’s possible to go even earlier than a year to book a venue. For example, some places might be in very high demand, or you want to set the wedding location and have it serve as your inspiration while planning. 


Can You Negotiate A Wedding Venue Price?

While it’s possible, you should know that wedding venue prices are usually set. Instead of blatantly requesting a lower price for wedding venues, get an idea of the average costs of the type of venue you want in your area.

This will help you determine which place is worth it. Of course, if they can’t go lower with their price, you can always ask about freebies and inclusions. 



Was this helpful? We just learned how far in advance should you book a wedding venue, which is 9 to 12 months. 

Booking two years in advance is unnecessary, but you can still book earlier than 12 months, depending on the circumstances.

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