How Early Is Too Early For Wedding Invitations

If you’re unsure about how early is too early for wedding invitations, you don’t want to send them earlier than 12 weeks before the wedding. This will allow the guests to plan their schedules and do the other preparations such as what to wear and gifts to send for the occasion. 

Sending the invitations too early is unnecessary, and you might be rushing with the details before confirming them. Speaking of proper timing, as a guest, you should also know how early should you arrive at the wedding

how early is too early for wedding invitations

Being too early or arriving too late would be poor etiquette. Feel free also to browse our blog for more guides. 


When To Send Wedding Invitations: How Early Is Too Early?

You shouldn’t send the wedding invites earlier than 12 weeks before the actual date. This way, you have finalized everything you need, and there’s no chance for sudden changes that might cause inconvenience to the guests. 

You have to secure the wedding venue for the time slot and day you want, and this alone can mean waiting for a while before you can finalize the specific site and schedule. For example, you might want to do your wedding on a particular date because of its sentimentality, but the time or location is already full. 


When to send save the dates for wedding

Save the dates are not as detailed as the actual wedding invitations, so you can send them after the date and venue are confirmed. These cards are meant to notify your guests that they’re invited. 

You can send the save the dates a few months after your engagement party or 6 to 12 months before the designated wedding. They are sent super early since they are only meant to alert the guests or put them on notice.


When to send wedding invitations

You can send the wedding invitations two to three months before the wedding. You have already sent out the save the dates, so the guests are notified of the specific schedule they must free. 

However, you should still send wedding invitations as they will be more detailed and formal. For example, you can include the dress code and wedding theme, and some even write the event’s timetable so the guests know. 

If you are doing a big wedding, you can even send the wedding invitations as early as four months before the event. This period should allow better preparation for you and the guests, and it’s enough time to finalize how many will come. 


How much time do you give guests to RSVP?

To avoid issues with finalizing a guest list, include your RSVP with the wedding invitation. Then, request a deadline for the guests to confirm attendance. 

The RSVP date is typically three to four weeks before the wedding. Having it two weeks before the wedding will be a hassle. 


Is It Okay To Send Wedding Invitations Early?

It should be okay to send wedding invitations early than too close to the wedding date. However, the best time to send them is three months before the wedding, and the earliest you can do it is four months before the wedding. 

This way, everyone will have enough time to answer the invitation, and you can finalize your guest list comfortably. It’s important not to give the invitations very early because chances are they can get lost in the mail, and the guest will ultimately forget to confirm. 

You can send save the dates as the early cards to alert your guests that they’re invited. You can send them 6 to 12 months before the wedding.

Please read how to save money on wedding invitations to help you stick to a reasonable budget when sending them. 


Are 9 Months Too Early To Send Wedding Invites?

Nine months is too early to send wedding invites. Instead, this date is more ideal for the save the dates. By this time, you have probably secured a date and wedding venue, but other details for the wedding are yet to be finalized.

You can send the save the dates nine months before the wedding, so your guests can check and fix their schedule if needed. However, nine months would be impossible for sending the wedding invites since other details such as the wedding theme might still be undecided, and you want the invites to look classy and formal. 


Is It Okay To Not Send Save-The-Dates?

It’s okay not to send save the dates, especially if you’re doing a small wedding. However, it would be best if you also double-checked on who you’re sending these cards to because it would be distasteful to uninvite someone you’ve given a save the date suddenly. 

Furthermore, always send save the dates if you’re doing a wedding during peak holiday or travel season. If the wedding is meant to be an extended weekend or a destination wedding, guests should prepare for them much earlier. 



And that’s it! We learned how early is too early for wedding invitations, where you shouldn’t send them earlier than four months. 

Three months before the wedding is ideal, but save the dates can be sent 6 to 12 months before the wedding. We hope this helped you time your duties before the wedding; leave us a question if you have any. 


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