How Does The Sew Cool Sewing Machine Work

The answer to how does the sew cool sewing machine work is easy to understand when you think of it as a felting machine. We’ll even teach you how to use it below. We’ll also share tips in fixing issues such as jamming on the Sew Cool. 

Since the Sew Cool sewing machine is a toy, it can be a great way to get your child interested in sewing. You can read about how to teach a child to sew on a sewing machine once your little one is ready to try the real thing. 

how does the sew cool sewing machine work


How Does Sew Cool Work?

The Sew Cool is a battery-operated toy ideal for children ages 6 and up. But contrary to its name, it does not work like a sewing machine. It is essentially a felting machine and uses a set of needles to mash felt. It is designed for kids, so you don’t need to worry about the needles.

While the Sew Cool is not an actual sewing machine, the child can still enjoy various projects like pouches or keychains. It even includes the fabrics, and your child can follow the markings to know what direction to sew, spot stick, fold, start, and stop. However, the needle guard is not removable, so you can’t replace the needle if it’s stuck or broken.


Does The Sew Cool Machine Use Thread?

The Sew Cool sewing machine does not use thread. It also lacks some parts of an actual sewing machine like bobbins and foot pedals. That being said, the child can think they’re stitching fabric together because of the felting process. 


How Does Sew Cool Sew Without Thread?

The Sew Cool makes “stitches” without a thread by joining felt fabrics. There are also sewing guides, where the child will still follow the seam alignment to mimic the feel of sewing with a sewing machine.


How to use the Sew Cool

  1. Read the instruction booklet to familiarize yourself with the toys
  2. Check the directions for specific patterns and projects
  3. Turn on the switch
  4. Press the start button
  5. Set two fabric layers only
  6. Feed them under the needle guard so that the seam will be on the blue mark
  7. Press the stop button and turn off the machine once finished


Why Is My Sew Cool Keeps Jamming?

The Sew Cool sewing machine might keep jamming if you are not following the correct steps for joining the two felt fabrics. You must also check if the needles are not damaged or if the toy needs its batteries to be replaced. And if the fabric is jamming, please turn the manual knob to raise the needle first, so you don’t need to yank the material out. 


Why isn’t the fabric joining together on the Sew Cool?

Only use the correct fabric, and remember that you can only join two layers with this toy. Then, set the material correctly by raising the needles with the knob. Finally, align the fabric before lowering the needles, and you should have the Sew Cool joining the fabrics without issues.


Can I replace the needles on the Sew Cool?

You cannot replace the needles on the Sew Cool if they are broken or damaged. The brand doesn’t offer replacements as they are following standard safety requirements. However, Spinmaster recommends calling their Customer Care and reminds the users to always raise the needles before removing the fabric to avoid damaging the needles in the future. 


Why is the light on the Sew Cool not turning on/flashing?

Issues with the light indicator on the Sew Cool can mean that the fabric is jamming or the needle is broken. You may also need to replace the battery since the flashing light can mean low battery power. Use four AA batteries and turn the machine off when replacing them. 


Can You Use Normal Felt In Sew Cool?

You cannot use a regular felt fabric on the Sew Cool sewing machine. According to the brand, the toy will fail to join the usual felt. Instead, you must use the actual Sew Cool fabric that comes with the set, but the brand also offers fabric refills or try your local toy retailers when you need more Sew Cool fabric. 


What Is A Felting Machine Used For?

The Sew Cool is more of a felting machine than a sewing machine. This is because it meshes two fabrics together instead of sewing them with needle and thread. A felting machine is also called an embellishing machine, compatible with fibrous fabrics like wool and silk. 


Can you use your sewing machine as a felting machine?

You can use your regular sewing machine as a felting machine. There are attachments that you can buy and install to turn the sewing machine into an embellishing machine. Check the specific brand and model you have if the manufacturer sells them.



And that’s it! To recap how does the sew cool sewing machine work, it’s essentially a thread-free felting machine that joins two fabrics without actually sewing. It can be an enjoyable activity for kids and possibly get them interested in trying an actual sewing machine in the future.

Once your child is ready, you can always get a small and basic machine. Read this guide on how to buy a sewing machine to get started.


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