How Does Puffy Lux Mattress Rate For Bad Back Or Herniated Disk

Those who want to know how does Puffy Lux mattress rate for bad back or herniated disk should understand its three advantages. This article will go through the ideal material, firmness, and support offered by this hybrid from Puffy. You will also learn how to select a bed with these health conditions. 

And if you’re curious about which Puffy mattress is better for chronic neck and back pain with arthritis, we found a specific mattress model that will benefit sleepers with these conditions. 

how does puffy lux mattress rate for bad back or herniated disk


Is The Puffy Lux Mattress Good For Bad Back Or Herniated Disk?


Ideal material

The Puffy Lux mattress will suit sleepers with a bad back or herniated disk because of its materials. If you check its anatomy, the third layer is the brand’s dual Cloud foam, which is plush enough to provide pressure and strain relief to alleviate your discomfort due to a herniated disk. But additionally, you’ll still keep your spine supported thanks to the combination of high-density foam and contour-adapt coil at the bottom of the mattress. 

If you have a herniated disk, it’s crucial to use a mattress with a contouring material to prevent pain on the lower body or upper body, depending on where the herniated disk is located. And since the Puffy Lux is a hybrid mattress, it will also help those with a bad back since you’ll stay supported, regardless of your sleeping position. Remember that you’ll get the bounce from a spring bed but the conforming relief from a foam bed with this mattress type. 

Feel free also to check how thick is the Puffy mattress. It will give you a quick run-down of the brand’s overall structure.


Ideal firmness

Another reason why the Puffy Lux mattress rates well if you have a herniated disk or issues on the back is because it is medium-plush. It is rated 5 to 7 on firmness, so it’s not too soft or too hard. You’ll get some plushness to follow the curve of the spine, but you won’t sink too deeply where you’ll worsen the pain and tingling sensations because of the herniated disk. And if you’re still unfamiliar with the firmness ratings of mattresses, consider reading our mattress firmness guide

There, you’ll understand what brands mean when they rate their beds from 1 to 10. That being said, you can consider the Puffy mattress if you prefer a firmer bed or the Puffy Royal if you want something plusher.


Ideal support

Other than having the ideal firmness for people with back issues or herniated disks, the Puffy Lux is designed for maximum support to the user. The last thing you want is to encourage a bad sleeping posture with something already uncomfortable, like a herniated disk. Furthermore, you can alleviate your pain and discomfort much more easily since the Puffy Lux is stable.

This is because of the firm core support layer that is designed to reduce the strain on the body’s pressure points. And if you’re worried about how to keep the Puffy mattress on base as it affects the bed’s stability and support, we have reviewed the potential issue in another helpful article. 


Is The Puffy Lux Mattress Good For Back Pain?

The Puffy Lux mattress will benefit people with back pain because it’s the perfect middle ground of cushioning pressure relief and firm support. Puffy also designed this bed to target various body points that are prone to straining when we sleep. And since it adapts to the user, you don’t need to worry about your sleeping position.


Which Mattress Is Best For Herniated Disk?

A herniated disk refers to an issue with the disks between the vertebrae, which results in numbness, weakness, or even pain. It can occur on the neck or lower back, where the former leads to discomfort on the shoulder and arm and the latter in your lower body. Therefore, you want to sleep on a mattress that won’t worsen your spinal posture but is still soft enough to contour along your body and alleviate tension for pain relief. 

With this in mind, something medium-plush like a hybrid or foam mattress will suit sleepers with a herniated disk. The Puffy Lux makes a fantastic choice because it has a pressure-relieving layer and a base that maintains the bed’s stability. However, remember to consult your doctor for other practices that can make the herniated disk more manageable in the long run. 


What Mattress Comfort Level Is Best For Back Pain?

When selecting a mattress firmness for back pain, the safest bet is to go with a medium or medium-firm bed. This is because anything softer will encourage the unnatural curving of the spine that can worsen back pain. So if you have a bad back, you can opt for the Puffy Lux or Puffy mattress because they have a medium firmness rating. 



And that’s it! To recap how does Puffy Lux mattress rate for bad back or herniated disk, it will make an excellent choice because of its construction, firmness, and support. In general, the Puffy Lux provides cushioning to relieve pressure and alleviate pain from a herniated disk. 

But more so, you can maintain a well-supported spine to avoid worsening your back issues. We hope this was a helpful read, and if you happen to order from Puffy, we have also discussed how is a Puffy mattress shipped.


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