How Does Awara Mattress Compare To A Puffy Mattress

If you want to know how does Awara mattress compare to a Puffy mattress, you must check the pros and cons of each brand. We will go through the models, policies, and flagship mattresses of each brand. You will also learn if these beds are worth the money to help you decide which brand to get. 

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how does awara mattress compare to a puffy mattress


Awara Mattress Vs Puffy Mattress Comparison Review


Awara mattress


Available mattress models

Awara offers an organic luxury hybrid mattress only. The other products they offer are bedding, bases, and accessories. You can also get a so-called sleep bundle when the brand has sales, and it includes a free cotton sheet set, latex pillows, mattress protector, plus ten trees for a farmer in need. 


Trial, warranty, and returns

What’s fantastic with the Awara organic luxury hybrid mattress is that the company includes a 365-night trial. This is significantly longer than most brands that only offer three months for the trial period. And as for Awara’s warranty, it is as long as Puffy’s lifetime compared to other brands at only for several years. 


Flagship mattress

The flagship mattress and the only mattress available from Awara is their organic luxury hybrid bed. It starts at $1,798 for the twin size, which can be pricey, but its overall construction will make you realize that it’s reasonable. The Awara mattress is composed of a Euro top made from New Zealand wool,  Rainforest Alliance-certified natural Dunlop latex, individually-wrapped coils, and a cotton blend-covered base with handles. 


Puffy mattress


Available mattress models

Puffy offers three mattress models compared to Awara that only has one. They are the memory foam Puffy mattress, hybrid Puffy Lux, and hybrid Puffy Royal. The most expensive of the three is Puffy Royal, which starts at $1,649. 


Trial, warranty, and returns

Awara offers a more extended trial period than Puffy because the latter only provides a 101-night sleep trial than Awara’s 365 nights. However, Puffy mattresses also come with a lifetime warranty like Awara. You can check this guide on how to set up a Puffy mattress if you’re curious about what to do after delivery. 


Flagship mattress

The Puffy mattress is the brand’s flagship bed, and it is a 100% foam mattress compared to the Awara hybrid. It also uses memory foam compared to Awara that uses latex. And if you compare the feel of both beds, Puffy is rated 6 to 8, while Awara is 6.5, which means both are medium and compatible with all sleeping positions. 


Is Puffy Mattress Worth The Money?

The Puffy mattress is worth the money because you can use it regardless of your base, and it is even compatible with all sleeping positions. Furthermore, you’ll be getting a lifetime warranty with it, which puts you at ease regarding its longevity. Other features worth noting with this value for money bed include excellent temperature regulation, contouring and pressure relief, and certification by CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for safety and quality. 


How Long Will A Puffy Mattress Last?

A Puffy mattress will last for around ten years, as proven by its lifetime warranty. The brand trusts its materials and craftsmanship that can withstand wear and tear. Additionally, the Puffy mattress does not require flipping or rotating, so you know that it is durable and low-maintenance. 

If you’re interested in its durability and overall feel, we answered how firm the Puffy mattress is in a separate article. 


Is Awara Mattress Worth The Money?

The Awara mattress is worth the money, especially if you want to invest in a high-quality and sustainable bed. It uses a plush organic New Zealand wool Euro top for comfort, pressure-relieving natural latex, a coil core that provides breathable support with minimal motion transfer, and a convenient base with handles for easy handling. And if you need more reasons to like this company, every purchase from them plants ten trees in Kenya, Senegal, Uganda, or Tanzania. 


How Long Will Awara Mattress Last?

Latex mattresses are among the most long-lasting materials for the bed. And if you want to stay comfortable and supported for eight years or longer, consider getting the Awara mattress. Just make sure to use a suitable size base or foundation without any damage to help with extending its lifespan. 


Who Makes Awara Mattress?

Resident Home is behind Awara, and it’s also the company responsible for other popular mattress brands like DreamCloud and Nectar. According to Awara, they source their materials worldwide, ranging from the natural Dunlop latex to the coil springs in the hybrid bed. Furthermore, they boast that their factories comply with quality and production protocols under international regulations. 


Are Awara Mattresses Sold In Stores?

Similar to Puffy, you can’t find the Awara mattress in stores. Instead, you’ll order directly from the brand’s website, which is why their 365-night trial is appreciated. For additional inquiries, contact the Awara Support Team at 1 (855) 580-1382 or [email protected].



And that’s it! To recap how does Awara mattress compare to a Puffy mattress, Awara only offers one hybrid bed, while Puffy has a foam and two hybrid options. Both also provide a lifetime warranty, but Awara has a more extended 365-trial period than Puffy’s 101-night trial. 

Choosing between the two will depend on your priority features and preference. Nonetheless, both are compatible with most sleepers and bases, so that you can buy any of them with confidence. 


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