How Does A Propane Pool Heater Work? 6 Awesome Things You Must Know!

Are you wondering how does a propane pool heater work? This pool heater is burning gas to heat the water inside the pump, and then, it will cycle back the water to the pool. This is ideal both for above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. It is also suitable for your outdoor spa. 

A propane pool heater is efficient, reliable, durable, and eco-friendly. This also facilitates ease of installation and maintenance. If you consider getting this type of heater, you can choose from various colors and sizes. 

In this post, we’ll compare a propane heater with other types of pool heaters. Most of all, you will know the things that you should take note of when having a propane pool heater. Read further!


Propane Pool Heaters Vs. Other Types Of Pool Heaters

A propane pool heater features distinctive advantages as compared to other types of pool heaters. Let us discuss those advantages by examining each type of pool heater below. 


#1. Solar

This type of pool heater has a high upfront cost. It will take longer for this type to heat the pool than those heaters run on propane. Given that it is dependent on solar energy, it will not heat the water on a cloudy day or at night. 


#2. Electric

Although this is more budget-friendly, it requires the air to heat the pool water. This means that it can only provide water that is warmer than the air temperature. So if the air is chilly, you will not get warmer water.


#3. Natural gas

If there is an as service in the neighborhood, note that a propane pool heater will work the same as those running on natural gas. It will save you from the hassle and costs of connecting the heater to the gas line in your house. 


6 Things To Know About A Propane Pool Heater

To know more about how a propane pool heater works, you better keep reading. All of these are likewise your considerations when considering whether or not to invest in a propane heater. 


#1. It is efficient

A propane heater is also a gas heater. Using propane is the typical way to heat a pool. But how does a propane pool heater work? First, the pump will take the water passing through the filter towards the heater. Then, it will return the heated water into the pool. A gas heater is more efficient. It works quickly to allow you to enjoy swimming in warm water. Less time is spent testing and waiting for the heated water to get into the pool.


#2. A similar propane tank is used

Suppose you are already using propane at home. In that case, the propane you need to run your heater will be readily available. Meaning says your heater will run on a similar fuel source as the other appliances you have at home. But take note that a pool heater uses so much propane, so the size of the propane tank should be sufficient to run all your appliances at home as well as your swimming pool.


#3. It is cost-effective

With propane heaters, you will benefit from their cost-effectiveness. Although it has the same installation cost as propane, it uses lesser fuel and is more efficient. Some options such as smart propane tank monitoring and budget billing can make it even more economical.


#4. Maintenance plan

Pick a service company with a good reputation in pool heater installation and maintenance. Of course, you want to optimize the functionality of your heater. Propane companies are offering maintenance plans. This will cover the winterization and service of the pool heater. With this, the highest possible efficiency of your propane heater is ensured. If you maintain your heater correctly, you will also be able to ensure the good condition of your unit.


#5. It is eco-friendly

Compared to other types of gas heaters, propane is a more eco-friendly option. You can easily monitor its fuel usage. Plus, it has varying efficiency levels. You will know the amount of gas consumed. Furthermore, propane is among those clean sources of fuel that contain low carbon. Its emissions are also fewer. Suppose there is a lean in the underground tank. The soil won’t be harmed. Since an electric pool heater is designed to be less efficient, it tends to have more impact on the environment. A huge portion of the energy utilized to power those pool heaters is coal-burning, which releases pollutants.


#6. Choosing the correct size tank

If you are not using propane at home, you need to install a tank first. But if you already use propane, call the propane company to know whether or not the existing tank would be sufficient to run the pool. Keep in mind that the right tank size will depend on the temperature and the size of the pool. The propane company should assess your swimming pool and the temperature you prefer. Your propane supplier will assist you as to estimate the correct tank size needed to heat the pool. But you can also do this by yourself. You need to consider your ideal temperature and the average winter and fall climates in your place. It may also be a good idea to read about how long does a pool heater last.


It’s A Wrap!

Since you have made it this far, you sure know already how does a propane pool heater works. To sum up, it is a type of gas heater run by propane. It filters the water, heats it, and circulates it back to the pool. You may want to read related articles; know how does a pool heater work and why is my electric pool heater not working.

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