How Do You Unlock A Whirlpool Duet Washer? 4 Easy Steps!

Is your Whirlpool duet washer locked, and now you want to unlock it, but how do you unlock a Whirlpool duet washer? Well, unlocking the washer is as simple as plugging it into a switchboard. So keep reading the article to unlock your washer most easily.

The Whirlpool company duet washer has impressive features and functions. It uses less water and electricity for washing clothes than the energy star criteria set by the USA Energy and Environmental protection agency. 

how do you unlock a Whirlpool duet washer

The Whirlpool duet washer cleans all the dirt and dust from your clothes using 68% less water and 67% less electricity. To achieve this washer uses gravity along with electricity for tumbling clothes. Unfortunately, the Whirlpool duet washer sometimes receives signals of wash cycle continuation because of some error in the system. Due to this reason, the door remains locked even after the cycle completes. However, a simple reset or manual unlocking method can unlock the door. Anyway, if your Whirlpool duet washer is locked, you can follow the steps below to unlock it quickly.


Tips To Unlock A Whirlpool Duet Washer

So, how do you unlock a Whirlpool duet washer? Below are a few excellent tips that will help you unlock your Whirlpool washer easily and quickly.


Tip #1. Restart the washer

You might have to restart the washer. Unplug the washer and wait for three minutes. Then, plug the washer again, and your washer door will unlock on its own. Restarting the washer might unlock the washer, so first, you may try this tip. You may also want to read about how do I reset my Maytag washer and how to reset the Kenmore washer.


Tip #2. By pressing the control lock button

See if your Whirlpool washer has a control lock button. Push that button. Hold for three seconds. Check the user control panel. If the control lock button has disappeared, you should release the door lock.


Tip #3. By using the drain and spin method

Resetting the whirlpool duet washer is the essence of keeping it in good condition. To reset the whirlpool duet washer, follow these steps: Cancel the suitable ongoing cycle you activated to wash clothes. Next, press the drain and spin buttons. Water will drain out, and your washer will get a signal of cycle completion. The washer door will unlock as a result.


Method To Unlock The Stuck Door

Suppose you activated the add garment option and didn’t add clothes later. The door will get stuck, and you must reset the washer. Pause the wash cycle. Unplug the washer and restart.


Steps To Unlock The Washer Door Manually

Unlocking the whirlpool washer without power explains that you have to unlock the door manually by opening the panel on the bottom of the washer. Follow the steps below to unlock your washer door manually.


Step #1. Unplug the washer

Turn off the switch and unplug the washer.


Step #2. Remove the toe panel

At the front bottom of the washer, there is a panel named as lower toe panel. You have to open this panel by removing three screws. Then, after removing the screws using a flathead screwdriver, put out the panel by pulling it towards you.  


Step #3. Access the door latch assembly

Take your hand inside the panel to find the door latch assembly on the right side of the washer door.


Step #4. Pull the teardrop-shaped tab

A teardrop-shaped tab is attached below the teardrop-shaped tab. You have to pull that tab down. Listen for a click sound to ensure that the door has unlocked.


How To Avoid The Door From Locking In The Future?

As you have to reset your laptops or computers if any error occurs. The same rule applies to the whirlpool duet washer, as this intelligent machine also works as a computer. Resetting the washer once in a month or two is better than unlocking the washer door manually. Unlocking the door is a frustrating and time taking process. Everyone is so busy completing the chores that we do not have extra time to repair them.

Of course, weekends are for fun. Not for opening and closing the screws. Also, follow this essential guide to avoiding the door from locking; Never close the washer door with too much force, as it can damage the door latch. If the washer door is not unlocked, open it manually. Applying force on the door could result in malfunctioning. Make sure that no fabric like a handkerchief or a sock is hanging along with the washer door, resulting in a stuck door. Do not try to change the cycle settings during the ongoing cycle. Instead, press the power button first and then reset the process. Pressing the buttons can confuse the washer computer. If you have naughty kids, activate the child lock to avoid intrusion into the wash cycle. Well, anyway, if you still don’t have a Whirlpool washer, it’s best to know how much is Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer and the Whirlpool Smart Cabrio WTW8700EC washer review.


It’s A Wrap!

Unlocking the door is an easy task using the simple rules told above. However, if you want to avoid any complications, do not experiment with your washer. Instead, immediately reset the washer if the Whirlpool washer door lock error occurs. This effective strategy of resetting will help you keep the washer in a good state for years. I hope we’ve answered your question: how do you unlock a Whirlpool duet washer? Read related articles; know where to buy lid switch for a Whirlpool washer and what does F28 means on Whirlpool washer.

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