How Do You Treat A Pressure Washer Injury? Treat These 5 Common Injuries!

How do you treat a pressure washer injury? First, follow the steps such as cleaning the infected space with water and soap, applying pressure to the wounded skin with a towel or clean cloth, waiting and then running water through the wound, lastly, cleansing with water and soap again before you dry cover with a patch.

A pressure washer is indeed a powerful device that goes often underestimated. This equipment brings harm although it’s useful when you clean surfaces that must be scrubbed.

how do you treat a pressure washer injury

This injury occurs if an individual ignores simple safety measures. In this case, show some attentiveness to avoid these dangers. However, there is so much more to learn, so it’s best to dig into this article further!


Complete Understanding To A Pressure Washer

Perform cleaning work nicely using soap, hose, and a bit of effort. But that’s in case you could pay all those. But a pressure washer speeds up the process and in less time. Challenging tasks like cleaning mold and dirt and removing oil stains require the use of a pressure washer. The effort it brings is unmatched.

The pressure washer is almost the same as an electric motor or gas engine. Apart from the motor, the tool has a concentrator nozzle and pump to season a water network’s water pressure between 30 and 80 times. Water pressure from a garden hose is like 50 PSI, enough in doing cleaning tasks. The device can generate one-thousand five-hundred to four-thousand PSI that is three-thousand percent power. Utilize this tool correctly to remove stains and dirt with no damage to the surface.


How To Treat A Pressure Washer Injury

Never underestimate pressure washers that can cause severe and fatal injuries. But, on the other hand, never ignore the most straightforward safety measures to follow regarding using it. Gas and electric are two significant types of pressure washers. An electric pressure washer emits water at around 1000 pounds for every square per inch. At the same time, a gas pressure washer exceeds two thousand PSI capable of reaching pressures of about 4,000 PSI in an industrial unit. Indeed, high pressure makes more effective and faster-cleaning equipment. 

Nonetheless, more significant pressure can bring serious injuries. The severe injuries caused by a pressure washer include slips & falls, abrasions, high-pressure injections, and blindness. Its sheer pressure is enough to bring an injury. The use of chemicals in cleaning dirt can worsen a situation. Wounds and injuries sustained when pressure washing may appear benign. However, examine and treat them with the help of a doctor. A qualified and professional emergency care specialist is also there to do it.

So, how do you treat a pressure washer injury? Here are some injuries that you can obtain and how to treat them:


#1. Slip & falls

Slip & falls can result in death or hospitalization. A wet surface can appear more slippery. Ice could form rapidly, especially in most cold climates. Use a pressure washer, whether it’s an elevated surface or a ladder. But, know that it’s harmful with the backward force created by the pressure washing gun. This will quickly throw off a person’s imbalance. Assess the working area and the way water can impact a surface. Use the suitable safety harnesses as you make use of a pressure washer in the crane, lift, and ladder.


#2. Abrasions

Abrasions are often associated with an injury in pressure washing. Reduce getting abrasions by wearing gloves as protective clothing. Include long pants and closed shoes. Avoid it directing pressure washers towards yourself, pets, and other people. Point it first before you click the trigger, and be careful so that you do not spray your feet, hands, and legs.


#3. Blindness & eye injuries

If you position your pressure washer directly in your eye, expect to suffer from eye injuries and blindness. High pressure and its power can emit glass, nails, rocks, and harmful debris that might hurt your eye. In addition, detergents and chemicals can create a splash up on the surface. Wear safety glasses and goggles that can resist wearing shock and splashes. Seek medical attention if the chemicals infect your eyes. Explain the chemical properties used for the pressure washer that the physician can review.


#4. HPI injection infection

Severe infections can occur with using HPI leading to amputation or permanent disability. Reduce the risk relevant to HPI. Use a fan nozzle or wide-angle that expends the pressure in broader space. Remember that a solid stream of the nozzle can bring harm, thus avoid it as much as possible. Wear some protective clothing but do not point the device towards another person or even yourself.


#5. Electric shock

Be concerned about pressure washers causing electric shock. Using a gas pressure washer could result in asphyxiation due to the carbon monoxide form of inhalation. This is true if you use it with no proper ventilation. A gas pressure washer is loud, resulting in hearing loss. Wear some hearing protection as always. Be careful to avoid misuse of steam pressure washers and hot water pressure washers. Or else, it might end up in a severe burn that demands medical attention. Read, and then understand the operation manual. Pay attention to the safety precautions.

Here are common pressure washing injuries and how to avoid them.


It’s A Wrap!

Now it’s provided how do you treat a pressure washer injury. Never underestimate how pressure washer causes injuries that also demand hospitalization. Respect the machine and wear some safety measures. If you’re in doubt when using the tool, read on safety measures for every specific situation. I guess it’s helpful to read about why is my pressure washer surging and why is my pressure washer not building pressure.

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