How Do You Remove Mold From Maple Syrup In 4 Easy Steps

Have you noticed something odd on your sitting and unrefrigerated maple syrup? It’s probably the molds!

So, how do you remove mold from maple syrup, then? Worry no more as this article will help you learn the quick and easy ways to do it.

how do you remove mold from maple syrup

We will also provide tips on how to prevent molds from growing on your maple jam. Before anything else, we’ll let you know how to spot budding molds on your maple syrup in case you’re not very familiar with such a mold issue.


What Does Mold On Maple Syrup Look Like?

Mold-contaminated maple syrup is highly likely to appear with brownish and powdery-looking specks on its top. The colony of spots may have the looks of cocoa or cinnamon powder.

They also guise as yellowish to brown cream sitting on the top of the jam. Should this kind of “guests” appear on your breakfast waffles or pancakes, they are probably the xerophilic bacteria induced by the dry milieu of the maple syrup.

Yes, the dry-loving molds exist in real life. They are the fungus species that survive and thrive in foods with low water activity levels, such as your sugar-crammed maple sauce.

The conditions contributing to mold growth in maple syrup include water activity, temperature, and oxygen and nutrient levels. Once all these activate, the dormant mold spores also start to bud.


Is Molded Maple Sauce Dangerous?

Although molds in maple syrup may seem toxic and unenticing, a mold-contaminated maple jam is harmless, similar to molded applesauce. If you have not encountered this mold problem, here’s a simple guide on what does mold on applesauce look like with tips to prevent them.

Many homeowners claim that maple syrup that has grown molds is salvageable. However, some say you should throw it out as the molds may have produced a mass of mycotoxins which can be very harmful to your health.

The answer is dependent on the length of time the molds are sitting on your maple sauce and how much of the moldy maple syrup you have consumed. However, generally, you can remove molds from maple syrup and enjoy having it on your breakfast and snacks again.


4 Steps To Remove Mold From Maple Syrup

If your maple syrup starts to develop molds, this guide will help you salvage your cherished jam.


Step #1. Skim off layer of mold

Remove the sitting mold from the top of the maple syrup. You can use a metal spoon or a small knife to scoop the mold off.


Step #2. Boil maple syrup

Bring into heat the skimmed off maple syrup. Boil it down until it reaches the boiling point.

This step will eliminate the lingering mold spores in the maple jam. After boiling down the syrup, let it cool for some time.


Step #3. Re-skim and re-boil maple jam

Repeating the process of skimming will help remove any floating mold residue from the maple syrup. The same goes for reheating and bringing it again to boil.


Step #4. Sterilize jars and refill maple cream

After treating the maple syrup, it is time to divert your attention to the container. To disinfect the bottles, you can boil them to an adequate temperature.

Then, let them cool down before wiping them dry. Ensure that the jar is completely dry and clean before refilling the maple syrup.

Sterilizing the glass jar will keep bacteria off the sauce and reduce the occasion of mold growth.


What Can I Do To Limit Mold Growth In Maple Syrup?

Mold growth is inevitable in foods, even in maple syrup that has a very high sugar content. Some foods also develop molds faster than others.

To find out more, this guide about which food will mold the fastest contains details about food molds and ways to prevent their growth.

The best remedy you can do is to limit the chance of molds growing. To do this, you’ll need to take safety precautions in preparing, buying, or storing your maple cream.

Here’s a set of helpful tips you can include in your mold remedy musings.

  1. Always ensure sanitized, clean, and dry containers before filling or packing in the syrup.
  2. Refrigerate every opened jar of maple syrup. However, you can safely keep the unopened maple syrup in the cupboard.
  3. Properly seal the lid to avoid oxygen entering the container.
  4. Hot-pack or put the boiled syrup straight into the container and seal it before it cools off. Maple syrup manufacturers are the ones generally practicing this method.
  5. Avoid permeable plastic containers for your maple syrup as it can let oxygen through. If you have bought one, store it immediately in the fridge.
  6. Freezing your maple syrup is the best way to extend its shelf life.



Now that you got the answers to the mumbling question on your mind on how do you remove mold from maple syrup, pat yourself on the back as you can now save it from going to waste. Also, you became equipped enough to protect yourself and your family from any harm that consuming molds may cause.

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