How Do You Fix Water Damaged Uggs In 3 Helpful Ways

It might be the season for rain and snow because you are out there questioning “how do you fix water damaged uggs”. Do not fret because this article will guide you to the right tips. 


how do you fix water damaged uggs

How To Clean And Dry Soaked Uggs

Ugg boots are constructed of wool, suede, fur, and sheepskin, among other materials and fabrics. They’re warm, comfortable, and really cuddly.

Uggs are a trendy must-have. They’ve unquestionably solidified their place in female fashion for the foreseeable future. 

Many ladies could not imagine going a single winter without their cherished uggs (or even for summer). Sadly, many people are also unaware of how to dry these items once they have been wet.

So, what is the right procedure? Follow these instructions for drying your damp uggs so you can keep enjoying their toasty fuzzy goodness for longer.

Step #1. If clean water gets into your boots, you can start drying them right away. However, this appears to be an ideal condition because unclean water would have gotten into your uggs more often than not.

The dirt and particles in that water could stain your uggs permanently once you dry them, so make sure you thoroughly rinse them before drying them.

Step #2. Shake out as much water as possible from the boots. This is particularly critical if the boots have been drenched. Squeeze the water out of the boots carefully until they are no longer completely wet.

Step #3. It’s time to put your ugg boots away to dry. The first rule is to never wear your ugg boots in direct sunlight!

These involve heaters, a sunny window, and, most importantly, being exposed to the sun’s harmful rays.

Wet ugg boots should be dried in an open, shady area at room temperature. Find a location that matches the description as closely as possible to air-dry your ugg boots.

Step #4. Unprinted paper, paper towels, or a wrapped towel can be used to stuff your ugg boots. While the boots are drying, this will help them return to their natural shape.

Putting them upside down will also work; just make sure you have a suitable boot stand.

Step #5. The final phase is a game of waiting. It can take days to weeks for wet ugg boots to dry, especially if they are completely soaked.

Don’t worry if you completed the correct drying technique; your patience will be rewarded. When it comes to drying damp wool and sheepskin boots, patience is a virtue.

If you are planning to use a hairdryer, know how in this guide on how to get the crease out of the shoe with hair dryer. You could also invest time to know how to use a boot dryer


How To Remove A Liquid Stain From Uggs

Before you undertake a thorough clean of the boot, treat any stains. It’s recommended that after you’ve removed the stains, you clean the entire boot (otherwise you’ll wind up with patchy regions).

Step #1. Gently ‘color’ over the grease or oil stain with a piece of white chalk. If you don’t have any white chalk, put a bit of cornstarch over the stain and lightly rub it down.

Step #2. Allow it to sit overnight because this powder is porous and can collect oil and grease.

Step #3. Dust it off lightly in the morning with a fresh paint brush if you have one, and the spots should be removed.

Step #4. The boots can then be cleaned as normally. It’s crucial to remember that heat hardens oil and grease stains, so if you have a stain you wish to remove, don’t get your boots too hot (this includes in vehicles).

Rubbing the water spot stained region against another portion of the suede is a little-known trick for eradicating water spots. Water stains are frequently removed with gentle rubbing like this!


How To Clean Water Damaged Or Stained Uggs

After you’ve cleaned the stains out of the boots, you may proceed to the main cleaning. Prepare a work surface with a towel and a clean water source nearby.

Step #1. With a suede brush, go over the entire boot from top to bottom. This relaxes the nap, releases any dirt, and gets it ready to be cleaned.

Brush only if you have no nap (such as Mongolian Sheepskin).

Step #2. Clean, cool water should be used to moisten the outer boot. This can be done with a clean, soft sponge or cotton cloth. 

You don’t want to saturate it, but you do want to moisten it completely so that the substance can adhere to it.

Step #3. Wash your sponge but don’t completely wring it out; it should be around 20% damp. Squeeze some suede cleaning (preferably the UGG product) or another cleaner (the vinegar and water mixture mentioned above) onto the sponge.

Step #4. Beginning at the top and moving your way down, work the substance into the boot’s exterior. Rinse and repeat step 3 as the sponge becomes soiled. 

You won’t be re-depositing dirt into the leather this way. Spend more time on the dirtier regions. Ensure not to press too hard; forceful motion might destroy leather, so be especially careful.

Step #5. There are two possibilities available to you. You can either rinse your sponge and brush the product off with it, washing it frequently until all of the product and unclean water is gone, or you can run the outside boots under cool water to remove the product. 

This should not be done for an extended period of time. Leather can be harmed by water.



When one knows the answer to ‘how do you fix water damaged uggs’, the fashion trend of wearing such cozy shoes will not be drenched away by water.

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