How Do You Drain Gas From A Pressure Washer? 4 Best Ways!

How do you drain gas from a pressure washer? You will need to disconnect the fuel line first and use a siphon hose, and suck the rest of the gas inside the tank.

If there’s a siphon hose already purchased, the task can just be carried out a lot easier. Store the pressure washer for a long time but never forget to drain the gas from a carburetor.

how do you drain gas from a pressure washer

Another easy way to drain gas from a pressure washer is to let it run and use it until it finally dies if a pressure washer with a carburetor and a drain screw. Loosen its screw until you drain its gas. Use the Siphon hose as the 2nd easiest method possible. It’s when opening the fuel cap is just needed. Get the pressure washer tiled while draining the fuel in the fill cap.


Ways To Drain Gas From Pressure Washer

So, how do you drain gas from a pressure washer? Below are the methods effective in draining gas from the pressure washer: 


#1. Using the rest of the gas

Use the pressure washer until you see a used gas, particularly if the gas tank comes with a small amount of gas. But if there is still a quantity of gas left in the tank, never follow this as it’s not environmentally friendly.


#2. Utilizing the carburetor drain screw

Other carburetors in a pressure washer feature a drain plug. Use this to drain the carburetor and the gas tank directly. Get the drain plug or screw unscrewed. Allow the gas to drain deeply into the gas container. Remember that not all of the drain screws to find in the carburetor can drain the gas inside a tank. It just drains gas in the carburetor on some of those models.


#3. Draining the gas with a siphon hose

One easy method to follow is the siphon hose that drains the gas inside the tank of a pressure washer. It further avoids spillage. Follow the steps as you place the hose inside. In the siphon hose kit, a hose often has another end featuring a brass nozzle. In this end is dipped right through the gas tank. Secondly, make sure that the hose is underneath. This step is essential wherein the end of a hose is not entirely underneath the tank. That’s when the tank will not drain properly.

Thirdly, clamp the hose for it to set in place in the fuel tank opening securely. The pipe will not slide out or move off the tank. Man clamp feat comes alongside siphon kit. Use a duck tape or a tie wrap to best secure it. Fourthly, install that pinch clip through the hose on one end. This pinch clip enables you to control fluid movement, as this is true if you will only drain a particular quantity of gas. Better yet, alter the fuel container in the middle part of the process. Put a stop in the liquid after pinching the clip.

Fifth, get the bulb valve connected to the hose end. Search for a bulb valve arrow. That arrow best represents the liquid flow and its direction. Get the hose connected to the back where the arrow points away. Sixth, pump the bulb valve that sucks from the pressure washer tank. Pump it until you see the gas reach the hose point with a pinch clip attached. Pinch the clip next if you know the gas gets to that point. Take the bulb valve away and pour gasoline into the fuel container. Place the pressure washer properly at an altitude higher than the container you drain the fuel. It’s best to also know how to repair pressure washer hose.


#4. Draining the gas with getting the fuel line disconnected

Prepare the pair of pliers, fuel line clamper, & fuel storage type of container. Next, search for its fuel line. Remember, not all gas pressure washers have a similar look. Some of them have an exposed fuel tank and a covered fuel tank. Search for its fuel tank. Take the engine housing away. Find the pipe or tube going from one fuel tank side until the carburetor.

Thirdly, clamp the fuel line to prevent gas spillage as this works as well if it’s a flexible type of tube. Fourthly, get the fuel line loosened with a pair of pliers. The carburetor side is an accessible location. Nonetheless, the gas tank and its side are also excellent. Fifth, drain its gas inside the container. Place the pressure washer at a more extreme altitude than the fuel container. That’s when the gas quickly drains. Use the funnel to make the procedure a lot easier. Get the fuel line attached again if you drain the gas already. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to start a gas pressure washer and how to drain gas from pressure washers.


Is It Ok To Let The Pressure Washer Drain Of Gas

Drain gas from the pressure washer to store it during the winter season. But if you will use the machine regularly and will not plan to keep it for a time, it’s not suggested to run out of gas as this will only make operating the engine a lot harder.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how do you drain gas from a pressure washer with the four methods mentioned: you get the fuel disconnected, drain the gas with a siphon hose, use the rest of the gas, & utilize the carburetor drain screw. Don’t worry, as letting the pressure washer drain gas is ok. You may also want to read about how to drain gas from pressure washer. 

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