How Do Pest Control Get Rid Of Termites? 5 Effective Ways

Are you suspecting termites infestation at your place? Do you want to know how do pest control get rid of termites? 

Can pest control be done by yourself, or is it better to seek a professional’s help? What are the methods used to eliminate these little creatures?

how do pest control get rid of termites

If you are searching for answers to the questions related to termites, then this article is suitable for you. Continue reading to know more.


Identifying Termites

Before starting with understanding termites, you might want to know first what is included in pest control.

It is tricky to know if you have termites in your home or yard. They are small and rarely arise from their tunnel, which can be on wood or soil.

There are only a few during the initial stage, but as time passes, they gradually increase in number at an astonishing speed. Because they work in a way that is not visible to people, the damage could spread before you even know it.

As for its appearance, it’s almost somehow similar to ants, except that its wings are almost equal in size, has a thick waist, and its antennas are straight.

Pest control is needed to immediately treat these termites since they can cause long-lasting damage to your home, whether your wall, floorings, or ceiling, as long as it can be their food source.  

Here are some signs for when an infestation of termites have already started:

  1. Spotting mud tunnels, which termites created as a passage.

  2. Seeing termite droppings, looking like small and oval pellets.

  3. Hearing hollow sound after tapping wood.

  4. Hearing subtle clicking sounds coming from your wood walls.

  5. Some paints’ peeling can also be a sign.

Learn more about termites by visiting this article from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


Methods Used Against Termites

Some methods that help get rid of termites can be done independently, but some are best left for professionals to do. You can decide whether you can handle it or not and have the time to do it.

Still, here are some of the proven methods to work against termites:


Method #1. Nematodes

For this method, termites’ natural enemy is used, which is the beneficial nematodes. These roundworms burrow on their target then release a poison that can kill termites.

You can mix these nematodes with potting soil and cold water, then apply these to your affected areas, preferably on your garden or lawn.


Method #2. Termite baits

This method involves setting baits that can attract termites to go out. It is a slow-acting one so that those affected would have time to go back to their colony and affect other termites.


Method #3. Chemical termite barriers

This method uses a liquid chemical that is toxic for termites. It gets rid of termites by poisoning them. 

It is claimed to be suitable for the environment, safe for pets and people, and is effective in eliminating termites. This is done mainly by professionals.


Method #4. Essential oils

For this method, you can either use orange oil or neem oil. You can do this method by yourself.

Use this by mixing two cups of water with a few drops of dish soap and at least ten drops of essential oil. Mix well, place on a spray bottle for easier access, then directly spray on the infected area.


Method #5. Boric acid

This method works by dehydrating termites and closing their nervous system. It doesn’t immediately kill them upon consumption.

You can directly spray outdoor affected places with the powder. For indoor uses, mix a teaspoon of boric acid with a cup of warm water on a prepared spray bottle and shake well before applying. 

You may do this by yourself, but do make sure to keep your safety in mind as you proceed with this task. You may also want to learn the signs on when to call pest control for future purposes.


How to prevent termites’ future infestations

Preventing termites sounds like hard work, but it’s all going to be worth it if you can save money from fixing damages that termites could do. No need to worry too much, too, since the following steps are simple:

  1. Fill and seal cracks on your wall, ceiling, or floor.

  2. Fix pipe leaks and clean out liquid spillage. Moisture may attract termites.

  3. Look out for your woods; it can be both their hiding place and food source.

  4. Clean the clutter on your home, more so for the useless and stocked papers, magazines, newspapers, etc.

  5. Suppose you noticed the early stage of termite infestation on a piece of furniture, immediately separate it from the other uninfected ones. In that case, you can also try placing this under direct sunlight. 

  6. Regularly inspect your house foundation.

  7. Maintain proper ventilation in your place, more so in your basement and attic.

  8. You may apply repellent termiticide to prevent future infestations of these creatures.

For further information you might want to know, visit this article regarding termite control: answers for homeowners.



Termites can spread throughout your home if given a chance, furthering the damage. Hence, it’s best to know all about these little creatures, like the ways to deter them or how do pest control get rid of termites.

Starting the journey by knowing and educating yourself is a wise decision. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you.

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