How Do I Stop A Recurring Donation? 3 Easy Steps!

Have you ever asked yourself, “How do I stop a recurring donation?” Spare a few minutes of your time with this article, and you’ll know everything there is to know about canceling your donation plans. You will also be able to understand more about recurring donations and how this benefits charities and donors.

Before everything else, let’s understand what is a recurring donation; this is when a donor makes a consistent and ongoing donation instead of giving only once or twice. Regular contributions are set that the donors have scheduled to be delivered; this can be daily, weekly, or monthly. Recurring donations are also referred to as recurring gifts.

How do I stop a recurring donation

It is essential to know how your donation plan works and why. So the next time you plan to donate again, you’ll be more knowledgeable about the topic. This helps you be more flexible with your choices of being a charity donor.


Why Should I Have Recurring Donations

This lessens the financial weight of your supporters who want to give. It allows them to segregate their donations throughout the entire year without needing to squeeze out a ridiculous amount from their savings. They will have donated the exact amount they would like to by the end of the year, just with less stress and financial burden. Recurring donations have been the solution for many who would like to support an organization and still provide for their personal needs and wants.


Why Is Monthly Donation More Preferred

Monthly donations are considered as a kind of recurring donation. There is a set amount that is donated at a fixed time and date. Although there is the choice of donating weekly and annually, it seems that donating monthly has been the most popular option for both donors and charity organizations. So why is that?

Usually, those who choose the monthly period are the ones who are committed to their recurring donations or recurring gifts. Salaries are typically given either once or twice a month; that way, they can consistently donate. Charities favor monthly donors because they can set a predictable budget. They also can contribute more compared to those who choose to donate annually. This is a big help for the charities; here are the reasons to invest in monthly recurring donations:


Reason #1. Annual income

It has been observed that monthly recurring donations result in an increased annual income. It could be that it does not put pressure on the donor to give a significant sum of money all in one go, but rather, it is done monthly.


Reason #2. Strengthens support

Recurring donors tend to build a stronger relationship with the charity and their cause. Due to their constant interactions, get more updates about the organization and stay informed about the ongoing progress.


Reason #3. Flexibility

Recurring donors can simply edit how their donations will be. They can adjust by increasing or decreasing how much they are willing to give at any time. They can also change when their donations are going through, but as mentioned, monthly donations are the most convenient option. The donors can even pause their donations for a month or two.


Reason #4. Time-saving

Recurring donations are a big hit for busy folks who love to donate to charities but have to stay grinding for their work and salaries. Since they are confident about their salary being able to handle their expenses and charity donations simultaneously, they only need the convenience of having time. Automatic transactions through recurring donations will do the trick.


How Do You Stop A Recurring Donation?

Of course, you can. If you are wondering, “how do I stop a recurring donation?” you’re not alone. Everyone at some point has reached a financial crisis that has made them cut some expenses. Here are the steps on what to do to cancel your recurring donations.


Step #1. Contact your organization

Contact the organization you are donating to and let them know about your intentions. For charities, they usually have a number or e-mail you can reach them with. However, it is essential to confirm these sites and numbers are working and legit before you donate to any charity organization.


Step #2. Wait for confirmation

Once you have talked it out, you’ll have to look for proof that your account has been relieved from the recurring donations. You wouldn’t want some hidden transactions to surprise you months later. You can send an e-mail about it or check with your bank account if the organization is no longer on your list of donations.


Step #3. Check their websites

For some, they have their official website where you can navigate your way through the settings to edit your payment details. You can edit or cancel your subscription to their organization and stop any of your active recurring donations.



How do I stop a recurring donation? You are now a pro at handling your donation account. We hope your process goes smoothly, and don’t forget to make sure it has been officially canceled. Thank you for reading this article! Also read about how to cancel k-love donation and how to cancel aclu monthly donation.

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