Helpful Chair Tip: How Do I Keep The Felt Pads On Chair Legs

Keeping the chair legs clean and using strong glue are the best ways to answer “how do I keep the felt pads on chair legs.” You won’t have to worry about this particular problem anymore.

A felt pad can be a helpful piece to add on furniture, but it can also stress you out when you see them getting out of place. You don’t have to stress yourself, though. There are some easy steps to keep your pads in place!

how do i keep the felt pads on chair legs


What Are The Felt Pads For?

Have you ever felt that mini-heart attack when you sit on a chair and it slides back a little? Maybe you cringed at the squeaking sound made when your chair rubs against the floor.

Maybe you also notice scratch marks on the floor from the constant sliding of your seats. What can you do to fix this?

You will need a nice set of felt pads. Felt is a soft, man-made material that comes from wool that is matted and compressed together.

This dense super fabric has been popular for over 5000 years. It is used for clothes, toys, crafts, and now furniture protection. This durable material can keep your laminated wood floors safe from horrible scratch marks.


What Are The Best Types Of Felt Pads?

Now you know what you need for your furniture, but what are the different types of felt pads? Which one is the best for you?

There are two main types of felt pads; self-adhesive and nail-in pads.


Self-adhesive pads

These felt pads are self-explanatory. They come with solid glue that sticks to the bottom of your chair legs.

These pads are the easiest to use, so even if you aren’t into home projects, you can keep your floors safe. The downside is that these pads can quickly come off, so you need to constantly check if they are still secure.


Nail-in felt pads

These are heavy-duty furniture pads you can apply to your chair legs. They are thick and come with a nail underneath to keep them in place.

The best way to install these pads is to pre-drill a hole on your legs, so it may be too difficult for someone who isn’t into DIY.

Improper installation could make your chair uneven and cause more discomfort to you. It’s a sturdy and permanent option that requires a lot of work.


Step-By-Step Process How To Securely Apply Felt Pads On Chair Legs

Let’s say you opted for the self-adhesive option; don’t worry! There are simple steps you can do to make sure your pads remain secure.


Step #1. Get your materials ready

You will only need four materials for this project: denatured alcohol, self-adhesive furniture pads, a hot glue gun, and glue sticks.


Step #2. Clean the bottom of the chair legs

Use the denatured alcohol and a cloth to remove debris on the bottom of your chair legs. This is the best step to make sure your pads don’t stick to any residue. Make sure to wipe the area dry before applying the felt pads.


Step #3. Apply hot glue for extra strength

When you are finished cleaning the area, apply some hot glue using the glue gun. Make sure to spread a generous amount over the bottom of your chair legs.


Step #4. Place the felt pads

Now it’s time to apply the felt pads. You can still use the adhesive part to make sure everything is strong. Remember to hold it in place and give time for the glue to dry before using your chairs.

These simple steps will keep your felt pads in place for a long time. No more stress!


Essential Tips To Remember For Your Felt Pads

You know how to securely apply a felt pad, but you must also remember several things to keep them secure.


  • Make sure they are the right size – Remember to choose the right thickness and circumference for your felt pads. They stick better to your chair legs when they are the correct size.

Heavy chairs need thick felt pads to carry their weight. Lighter chairs are fine with thin pads.

  • Clean the area before application – You may not realize it, but a dirty surface spells disaster for your felt pads. Debris from dust or other adhesives can affect the way your pads stick to the chair leg.

If the residue left on your chair leg is very thick, you can use a small knife to scrape it off.

  • Apply the 10-second rule – When you apply your pads, hold them down in place for 10 seconds with pressure. This simple life hack will increase the strength of your adhesive.
  • Check your felt pads every few months – No matter how strong your pads are, they won’t stick forever. Check the bottom of your chair every few months to make sure they are still sticking, and make necessary repairs when you see them coming off.


Alternatives To Felt Pads

If you have furniture that you want to keep more permanently in place, some felt alternatives could work for you. The most popular materials are rubber and silicone. These are great for hardwood floors, and they provide the right amount of friction to hinder excessive movement.



Furniture pads are a great addition to your home, but they can be annoying at times. When you can find solutions to how do I keep the felt pads on chair legs, you will secure furniture and a protected floor!

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