How Do I Fix My LG Dryer That Wont Heat? 5 Easy Steps!

Have you ever worried about how do I fix my LG dryer that wont heat? No need to worry now; you have come to the right place. The absence of heating in your LG dryer might be due to various factors, including wiring issues, circuit board malfunction, or a broken wire.

Lg dryers have a lint filtration built into the bottom of the door. Any loose hair, fluff, or other material that might block airflow is caught here. If this becomes blocked for any reason, your Lg dryer may be unable to heat up. To guarantee optimal efficacy, make sure to clean this filter after each cycle.

how do I fix my Lg dryer that won't heat

Sometimes your LG dryer won’t heat due to overloading; make sure not to overload your dryer to eliminate this problem. There might be numerous reasons why your LG dryer isn’t blowing heat. It’s possible that you’ll have to fix the heating element or components related to airflow that is interfering with the drying process. Let’s check it out!


How Do You Fix Your LG Dryer That Wont Heat

Read the below-mentioned steps carefully if you want to learn how do I fix my LG dryer that wont heat. In this post, you will find five simple steps to fix your Lg dryer that won’t heat. Let’s read these steps:


Step#1. Inspect the clogged vent

This is the most common reason for a dryer that does not heat due to a clogged vent. Start a test dry on high heat to see whether your venting is obstructed. Go outdoors and check the exhaust vent with your touch to make sure the air is quite warm and moving at a reasonable rate. If there isn’t enough airflow, your venting should be cleaned or changed. Suppose there isn’t a blockage in the vent pipe and where it connects to your house on the exterior. You may join an older mop handle to something like a cleaning stick if necessary. Know ways to clear a clogged waste pipe and how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged.


Step#2.  Check the load 

Because it’s overloaded, this LG dryer won’t heat up. I endorse unloading the dryer as much as possible before pushing the clothing apart to provide more area for heat to circulate during drying. If you have a large load of clothes that won’t fit in the dryer, take them to the laundry, you can also use more than one dryer. 

Checking the dryer inside may assist you in determining the source of the problem. On the lower layer, empty spaces will look like bright patches. Darker hues indicate wetness in some areas, such as residue left behind from wet garments. If there are gaps between loads, fill them so that the dryer has enough room to heat all items within.


Step#3. Test the heating element

When charged by electricity, your LG dryer’s heating element is just a long strand of coiled metal that generates heat. The heating element in a standard LG dryer is long and narrow. The heated coils in the drum work similarly to an electric stove, heating up as the air passes over them. The heating element may short circuit, indicating that the dryer cannot produce heat. Use an ohmmeter to test the electrical connection of the component to figure out why your LG dryer isn’t heating up. 

The heating element will fail if there is no continuity. Locate a dryer repair professional that can provide and install a new heating element. Some of the components may have burned out, preventing the element from functioning correctly.


Step#4. Fix the cycling thermostat

A cycling thermostat adjusts the air temperature by turning the heat on and off. The dryer will not heat if the cycling thermostat is broken. This is an uncommon source of difficulties, but it might be one of the reasons your LG dryer isn’t heating up. Check the more specific parts for issues before concluding it’s time to get a new thermostat. Whether all of the other components are in good working order, examine the thermostat with a voltmeter to verify if it is properly connected.

Use an ohmmeter to check for continuity on the following: power wires from the circuit breaker and power cable, wiring harness running into or near the cycling thermostat on the rear of the machine. If there is no continuity, replacing the damaged component with new components may be essential. Also, understand how to use a washer machine.


Step#5. Replace the  igniter

Inspect the ignition coil if your LG dryer isn’t heating up. Igniters use heat to light the gas in the burner assembly. The gas will not ignite if the igniter is not operating, and the dryer will not turn on. An igniter is an electrical component found in LG dryers that aids in the machine’s heating up. The dryer could be worthless if it doesn’t function. A multimeter inspection of the igniter reveals that it is in good operating order. Replace the elect resistor if there is no continuity between two spots on it to heal your LG dryer and solve this dryer model that does not warm up. Read about what causes dryer ignitor not to ignite


It’s A Wrap!

We give our best to help you out with that. How do I fix my LG dryer that wont heat? We hope you understand these steps and can fix your dryer.  Just follow these steps to fix this problem. Thank you, friends, for sticking with us till the end.

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