How Do I Cancel My Greenpeace Donation? 3 Best Options To Try!

Have you ever asked yourself the question: how do I cancel my Greenpeace donation? The very first step to cancel your Greenpeace donation is to seek assistance.

You may have changed your mind after donating to Greenpeace and would like to cancel it. If that’s the case, then you will find the right place where you will find a reliable answer to your problem.

How do I cancel my Greenpeace donation

But first, let us have a glimpse of what Greenpeace is. It is a global group of organizations that independently campaigns using nonviolent protests and creative communications, aiming to spotlight problems involving the environment happening in the global realm and suggest essential solutions. With such a clear description of an organization, it is still not that nobody would do a cancelation of their donation or even their membership. Whatever reason you have in mind why you want to cancel your donation, that probably is reasonable. To learn how to do it, keep on scrolling.


3 Options To Cancel A Greenpeace Donation

So, how do I cancel my Greenpeace donation? There are several ways on how to cancel your Greenpeace donation. However, one way will not be easy for you, so you must choose the way that fits your convenience. 


Option #1. Call their supporter care hotline

If it is of more convenience to you that you cancel your subscription over the phone, then this option is for you. All you have to do is to dial these numbers. 800-722-6995. Then you can talk to an agent through the phone and state your purpose, which is to cancel your donation. If there is anything concerning you about your membership in Greenpeace, you can call directly with this contact number. You may also be concerned about where your donations go; then, these numbers are also beneficial to you. 


What happens to your donations?

Reports show that the donations are used in different programs and activities of Greenpeace. Fifty-five percent of the donations are spent on their campaign programs. Public education and information get 21 percent of the donations. As to the fundraising activities, 23 percent of the donations are being used. The remaining 1 percent of the donations go to general and management administrations. It is to be noted that donations coming into the network monthly decreases their cost regarding fundraisings. Also, it is beneficial for both parties – supporters and Greenpeace – if you choose to give monthly.


Why give monthly?

Donations given monthly make the organization have dependable support. Also, it allows them to save some of their time and banking fees and use of papers because they don’t have to notify their supporters of the important reminders and notices regarding their renewal.  The organization becomes more efficient in budgeting and can have predictable funding to strategize and budget their campaigns more effectively. On the side of the supporters, donating every month makes their donation a significant contribution to the environment. Know why monthly giving is good

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Option #2. Write them an email

Not all have the confidence or courage to talk to a person, even though the phone is direct. If you are one of these people, then this option fits you. You can send your email to [email protected] However, you must remember not to send details of your credit card through emails. This is for your security. The advantage of writing an email is that you can compose your statement orderly, check if what you are saying is what you want to say, and make corrections accordingly. What if you are a monthly donor? Can you cancel your donation? To know the answer to this question, continue reading.


Canceling monthly donation

You can cancel your monthly donation by setting up your account once again. First, go to the page where “account settings” are located. You will see there the tab which says “spring membership,” then click that one. Select the “manage gift” option then you will see that one of the options under it is “more actions.” Click “cancel” on the cascading menu, then that is it. You have successfully canceled your monthly donation.


Option #3. Cancel using an application

Some apps are programmed to cancel a subscription that can do your job, thus saving you much time processing your cancellation. One of the apps that are designed to do such a job is the DoNotPay application. You can access this application through the web browser. As you open the app, click on “find hidden money,” then type the service name that you want to be canceled. You will know that the job is done when you are notified. 


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have answered your question, “How do I cancel my Greenpeace donation?”. The options above are mentioned for you to choose which one is the best for you. Thank you so much for reading up to this point in the article. Your time and effort are very much appreciated! Oh, you may be interested to know how to cancel a monthly charity donation and how to cancel the K-Love donation.

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