How do Berties Loveseat Work

Suppose it’s your first time hearing about this fantastically weird loveseat, then you are not the only one, my friend. The Berties loveseat has been created for one particular royal infamously named Edward VII of England. If you’re wondering how do Berties loveseat work, you will find the answer here in this article. 


You see, Edward was reportedly known to have used the Berties loveseat every time he did the deed. This was his go-to equipment as he was a rather large royal as he was in love with food as much as women!


Berties Loveseat Origins


The future king of England commissioned the Berties loveseat, but not until he was 60 years old. Regardless, this didn’t stop him from his excursions to France, where he frequented to acquire his lady friends. 


The loveseat has been a very scandalous history in the Victorian age, especially for royalty; sex was not something people usually talked about. So it came as a surprise to everyone when the Berties loveseat was unveiled for all to see!


The Berties loveseat also had a different name called the “siege d’amour.’ It was recently showcased in a BBC documentary regarding the future king’s youth and extravagant lust for women. 


Bertie grew impatient and somewhat aloof while waiting for his reign to start(he finally got the crown when he was 60 years old). This, in turn, allowed him to take on a more hedonistic approach during the wait. This decision did not amuse his parents.


How Does it Work


The Berties loveseat is a very peculiar type of sex chair. It seems to be able to do multiple positions for the woman as Edward could use the chair to his convenience despite his weight. This went very well for the monarch in all his escapades, and the women for sure had a surprise, to say the least!


One portion would be able to comfortably seat a lady and use the foot pedals to anchor herself and use the handles for support. Another position could be when the woman lies flat, and the man could stand and seemingly rock the chair. Devious indeed, however, it worked for the kinky monarch. 


The Berties loveseat was also created for Edward to have sex with two women simultaneously and with minimal effort to boot! There are still many rumors about how it can be used since the design looks complicated for the most part, and it’s not like we can ask the monarch himself. 


However, there is a popular theory in forums stating that one woman could use the stirrups and handgrips while the man could stand on the metal footpads for easy access. At the same time, the bottom of the loveseat could enable a woman to face down and use the footrests to arch her back over to enable a seamless swapping for a threesome. 


To Whom Was it Intended For


This was intended for Edward to fornicate as much as he could despite his weight; his lust was equally insatiable despite his food cravings. The Berties chair was a means for him to satisfy both his cravings without losing the other. 


This was indeed a revolutionary chair for people who had a rather large stout. Unluckily for the masses, only the future king was kinky enough to think of the idea or rather had the means to create the mischievous loveseat.


Interesting Facts


Edward frequently used the Berties chair, and his favorite mistress in London was none other than Alice Keppel. She is the great grandmother of the current Duchess of Cornwall’s, Camilla. 


Edward’s wife permitted Camilla to remain with them on his deathbed. Among other famous names during the time was an actress named Lillie Langtry, Jenny Churchill(the mother of Winston Churchill), and his so-called greatest love was Daisy Warwick.


Edward was a regular patron of the most expensive and extravagant brothel in London called Le Chabanais. Here he was able to pay off the most expensive women at the time of the Victorian era. 


He had many nicknames over time, but what stuck most are Old Bertie, Dirty Bertie, and Edward the Caresser. He is also the grandfather of the current Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II. 


Finally, on the day of his coronation, he had a special box created for all his mistresses to be able to witness his ascension to the throne. As for Edward’s wife, she was able to tolerate his many mistresses.




The Berties loveseat is truly a sight to see. Not to mention its infamous history and all the deeds and women it has come across over time. The mystery is still ever-present up to this day as it has only been recently shown to the public, and people are still talking about it to this day.


One thing is for sure; the Berties loveseat puts to shame all the other sex chairs in its time. The Berties loveseat’s history is intertwined with the late owner who has given us this marvel to gossip about and enjoy all the images and speculations that the loveseat has to offer!