How Can I Use Wine Bottles For A Wedding: 7 Best Ideas

If you want to know how can I use wine bottles for a wedding, consider seven interesting and creative ways. These wine bottle projects can be used in the wedding venue and reception, and some wine bottles can even be given to the guests.

We’ll also talk about serving wine at the wedding to make it more interesting. And if you don’t have the stock yet, read where to buy wine for a wedding

how can i use wine bottles for a wedding


How Can I Use Wine Bottles For A Wedding: 7 Wine Bottle Ideas For Weddings


  • Wedding aisle decors

The first way you can use wine bottles at a wedding is as aisle decors. This project is beneficial if you have used wine bottles and all are the same types. 

Line the sides of your aisle using wine bottles to make the aisle pop out more. You can also paint and decorate them with wedding details related to the theme or venue. 


  • Decorate wine bottles with flowers for the wedding 

The most common way to use wine bottles for a wedding is to put flowers in them. They would make unique table vases, especially if you’re using small and simple floral arrangements. 

If you’re going the DIY route with your wedding flowers, you’ll save on costs if you use wine bottles as the wedding vases. And for some wedding themes like rustic or boho, even using different kinds, colors, and sizes of wine bottles will be suitable at the reception tables. 


  • Wedding venue bottle lights

Instead of a mason jar, you can use a wine bottle to contain string lights. The reflection against the glass is perfect for the ambiance of an outdoor evening wedding. 

You can use these lighted wine bottles around the venue or wherever you want the most attention in the setting. If you feel extra creative, wine bottles can be safely hung with bulbs inside them, but of course, be aware of the proper wiring relative to the wedding venue. 


  • Glass bottles as wedding table numbers

The weight of a wine bottle makes it ideal as the table number for weddings. You can paint the number on the glass or stick the wedding reception card on the wine bottles. 

Why not print wine bottle labels with the table numbers using a printer at home? Alternatively, you can have the menu for the reception on the wine bottle label for a unique wedding table setup. 


  • Wedding table centerpieces

Besides using wine bottles as flower vases at the reception, you can use them as the centerpieces. Arrange different but coherent wedding wine bottles with flowers, greenery, and candle to add interest to the wedding table. 

You can also put items inside them like colored sand, sparkly materials, twine, stems, or any element that suits the wedding venue. An alternative to flower arrangements in wine bottles is candle sticks, especially if you’re having a wedding in the evening. 


  • Wedding favors

Favors at weddings can be wine bottles, but they don’t have newly purchased wine bottles. However, you can consider making wedding favors using used wine bottles with customized wine labels

Alternatively, these bottles make the perfect place to display wedding photos or messages to thank the guests. Or if you’re having a destination wedding, put the unique elements or food items inside the wine bottles as souvenirs or welcome treats for your wedding guests. 


  • Games

Wedding games can be held at reception or during pre-wedding celebrations like showers and parties. And if you have wine bottles, you can use them as props in these games. 

Why not create a team bride versus team groom and battle with ring toss? And, of course, the classic spin the bottle can always be modified to suit the wedding theme. 


How Do You Use A Wine Bottle As A Centerpiece?

Here is an easy and affordable centerpiece you can make using a wine bottle or any glass bottle. After the wedding, you can even use this project as home decor and memorabilia from the wedding. 

  1. Clean the wine bottles and remove their labels
  2. Spray paint them in silver or gold color, whichever suits the wedding theme and other venue decors
  3. Allow the wine bottles to dry
  4. Spray adhesive on the bottom half of each wine bottle and wrap this area with lace 
  5. Make sure that the lace is even around the glass bottle
  6. Add gemstones or pearls to the wine bottle
  7. You can also paint them with numbers for the wedding reception tables 
  8. Alternatively, you can paint the wine bottles, wrap them in ribbon strips, and use them as vases


How Do You Serve Wine To A Wedding?

  • Serve them formally with your wedding menu
  • Put a wine bottle on each reception table
  • Offer mini wine bottles that can also alternate as decors
  • Dedicate a wine bottle wall
  • Decorate a tub with ice and greenery then put the wine bottles in them
  • Fill a wheelbarrow with flowers and wine bottles

Besides wine, please read what drinks to serve at the wedding



And that’s it! You just learned how can I use wine bottles for a wedding: aisle decors, vases, lights, table numbers, centerpieces, favors, or as game props. 

You can also paint and decorate the wine bottles as you like or make custom labels according to your wedding theme. We hope you enjoy these ideas; let us know below what other wedding crafts you want to know. 

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