How Can I Hang My Bike On The Wall

You may turn yourself to Google, one way or another, to look for answers to your question: how can I hang my bike on the wall? Why are you looking for these answers in the first place? There are right ways and wrong ways to hang your bicycle on the wall, and you have to avoid the pitfalls.

Hanging your bike on the wall involves the use of the bike rack. This will save you space and will keep the bicycle safer from getting damaged easily. The bike hook also works, and once you have installed these for mounting your bike, you can enjoy more space and you can access your bike easier in no time whenever you need it for your adventures.

Let’s get into the details on the solutions to the question, “How can I hang my bike on the wall.”  

How Can I Hang My Bike On The Wall

Is It Okay To Store Bikes Vertically?

Some of the top considerations when storing your bikes are storage space, the weight of the bicycle, security, wheel size, and wall and floor protection. 

The ideal storage space depends on the area you will use to mount or store your bicycles. It could be in your garage, or a corner in your apartment. Each of these implementations allows you to store your bicycles, most of the time, vertically and perpendicular to the walls. 

There are also wall mounts that allow you to safely store these vehicles on the wall, so the bike wheels are parallel with the wall. Avoid using mounts high enough or going toward the ceiling to avoid interference with elements of your living quarters. These details are useful for those who live in apartments. 

Buying tall vertical bike racks that are mounted against walls, or freestanding ones are ideal for many bicycle models. 

These may also include bike hooks or racks with pulleys to provide for cyclists with larger spaces, garages, or sheds. 

It is important to remember and be aware of the clearance space you will require to navigate around these bicycles. There are mounts that go with brackets, folding flat against walls when these are not in use. There are several concepts of space-saving when it comes to bike storage. 

Parking Stalls: How Can I Hang My Bike On The Wall?

When it comes to hanging the bike on the wall, there are steps to follow. But each of these steps you will learn below will answer the ultimate question: “How can I hang my bike on the wall?”

  • Using carbon wheels may be too fragile
  • Hot engines may be dangerous for the bicycle
  • You may use the pulley to hoist your bikes

Bike racks 

To get started installing your bike rack, you will initially need to grab a wall-mount bike rack from online stores or from your local store. Then, you may now begin measuring the bike to be mounted with your tape measure.

Hold this bike rack on the wall where you are looking for the rack to get mounted. Remember, you may need to utilize the drill to place this on the wall on the points you have marked. After this, push the wall plug into each of the holes you have drilled.

You can then now line the rack up on the holes, screwing them into place. You are done, feel free to hang the bike on the rack you have installed.

Bike hooks

Another great option is with the use of bike hooks. Bike hooks are impressive space savers especially if your storage space is smaller, and you will use this for other activities. 

To begin, get the bike hook that you desire to hold the bike’s weight. Then, the hook’s packaging, remember, must be within the maximum load capacity. Avoid using hooks that cannot actually hold the bike’s weight, or you may blast this off the wall. Your local hardware shop has these hooks, and be sure to communicate with your sales representative.

You may utilize a stud finder to locate the wall’s stud, and use the tape measure, just like what you did in the bike rack installation, to measure the bike’s length. Take note that you have to measure this from the furthest tip of the front tire, up to the furthest tip of the rear tire. 

Use a pencil to mark where you want to hook to screw on the wall. A recommended drill bit is at 0.95 centimeters to drill the hole from where you had the marking. Ensure that the hole is deep enough so the entire screw’s end of the hook will fit it. 

Now it is time to screw the bicycle’s hook into the hole you have drilled until it is fastened and secure. And then, you can test. Start hanging the bike on the bike hook, and if you spot issues, troubleshoot when necessary. The front tire must be on the hook, in such a way that the tires are connected, touching the wall with the seat facing the outward direction, or away from the wall.

Bike Racks From Krostrade

Bicycles are everywhere, and aside from using these for competitive sports, they are also utilized as a mode of transport. The undeniable increase in gas prices is prompting the motorist to instead choose to use bicycles instead of their cars to save resources. 

In European countries, bicycles are found on the main roads and plazas. Aside from being inexpensive, these are also great opportunities to practice care and maintenance. One of the ways to take care of the bicycle is to know: “How can I hang my bike on the wall?” 

Bike racks have several various kinds, and these include floor stands, kickstands, gravity stands, freestanding racks, wall mounts, ceiling mounts, and hoist bike storage. Whichever you choose, it is thereby important to install them in the right way. Take good note of these tips we have shared.

Krostrade is a website and online store that provide equipment for your bicycles, and more for tents, hardware, greenhouses, green energy, and furniture. Have them delivered right at your doorstep. Contact Krostrade at [email protected]

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How To Deflate Memory Foam Mattress

How To Deflate Memory Foam Mattress In 2 Steps

It only takes two steps to master how to deflate memory foam mattress. Make sure to bookmark this guide to help you when you need to store or travel with your bed. The emphasis is  still necessary on following your manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging your mattress accidentally. 

Many of us are familiar with inflating memory foam mattresses and then typically wing it when it comes to deflating it. However, you should never overlook this process as you don’t want to deform the foam accidentally. Continue reading below to know the best tricks and tips when deflating a memory foam bed. 


How To Deflate A Memory Foam Mattress


Step #1. Preparation

Deflating a memory foam mattress is easy and quick. First, remove all the accessories in your mattress. You also want to put it on the ground flat to make the process convenient. 


Step #2. Deflation

The best way to hasten the deflation is to have someone kneel at one end and another to hold the opposite end of the bed. Then, begin rolling your mattress until you reach the other end. Finally, secure the rolled bed inside its packaging and tie everything with straps. 


Can You Flatten A Memory Foam Mattress?

The two-step guide above gives you a quick idea of how to deflate a memory foam mattress, but to put the process in more detail; you’ll compress the mattress with a vacuum cleaner. You also need to check with your manufacturer if they recommend deflating their product at home because some memory foam materials can get deformed. Once you have the green light, you can use a vacuum to flatten your memory foam. 


How to use a vacuum cleaner to flatten your memory foam mattress

Put your mattress in a sealed bag and reinforce it with duct tape to help with compression. Remove your vacuum bag’s valve and place it on the covered mattress. Use it as your guide for making a hole to insert the valve itself and then tape around it to prevent air leakage. 

Connect your vacuum cleaner to the valve to compress your memory foam mattress and proceed with the second step in the guide above. Some users recommend rolling as your vacuum is still on to ensure that your mattress flattens. Once done, tie your rolled bed with rope or ratchet straps. 


Can you fold a memory foam mattress in half?

Rolling a memory foam mattress is more preferred than folding, but some beds might allow it as long as it’s only for a short period. This is because folding can cause creases on the foam, and you risk having the mattress not returning to its original state. If you are deflating an older mattress, it’s safer to roll than fold it to avoid damages. 

What about bending the mattress? You’ll have an easier time coming up or down the stairs with a long memory foam mattress if you bend it slightly. However, consider the thickness of the bed as some might be impossible to bend or fold. 


Does memory foam flatten over time?

Compared to other materials, memory foam lasts longer, especially with using quality ones diligently. However, your mattress can still flatten over time as it gets subjected to heat and pressure constantly. Therefore, memory foam can flatten faster than hybrids or even latex foam. 

The ideal thickness to get the most of your bed and have it for longer is anything thicker than 2 inches. This way, the mattress still has room for compression once you lie down, and it can still hold your weight well for maximum comfort. A useful trick to remember is the more you weigh, the thicker memory foam you should use.


Why does my memory foam mattress sink in the middle?

The middle part of the memory foam mattress usually forms an indentation because it is where the body’s heaviest regions lie. If the user doesn’t rotate or flip their bed regularly, this area will be the only one getting worn down and inevitably sinks. If your mattress is not one-sided, you can flip it once or twice a year, so the other side is also used. 

You can also rotate it as often as long as your bed doesn’t have designated points for the body. However, these practices shouldn’t replace your maintenance of mattresses. It’s best to replace your memory foam every 10 to 15 years, depending on its quality and how you use it. 


How Long Does It Take To Air Out A Memory Foam Mattress?

When your new memory foam mattress has arrived, you should take it out of the box and unroll it for one to two days. This way, it will finish off-gassing to dissipate the chemical smell. Letting the mattress breathe for 24 to 48 hours will also allow the foam to expand and reach its actual dimensions. 

You can still sleep on a memory foam mattress before it finishes expanding but expect these drawbacks. You may notice a chemical smell, and the foam may not have its proper height and compression features yet. You’ll only experience the conforming and responsive qualities of the memory foam after expansion. 



Perhaps you need to pack your mattress for storage or moving. It’s always useful to learn how to deflate memory foam mattress at home to make these tasks more comfortable. The first step is as simple as removing all the bedding and laying the bed on the floor. 

Once done, you can begin rolling the foam and then tie it securely. You can reread out guide for flattening memory foam beds, and you should finish deflating your mattress without issues. 

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