How Big Is Shaqs Bed? Interesting Facts You Must Know!

How big is Shaqs bed? Shaq’s bed is a 15’x30′ big bed.

It is already heaven for us to sleep in a king-sized bed especially if we want to have a spacious place to rest.

How big is Shaqs bed

This might be true for most of us, but this seemed lacking for some. But, of course, I’m talking about the big people.

If you have seen Shaquille O’Neal, you have presumably seen that he is big. However, his height made him an amazing ballplayer.

However, this is also one reason that has made different parts of his life irritating. That includes looking for bedding that could accommodate his 7’1″ outline.


Shaq’s Bed

My uncle loved to watch his plays and his games. He’s a fan of Shaq. I’ve watched many of his plays too which astonished me to know how tall he is.

It is exciting to know how he lives his life with his height where I could never imagine myself. I mean, there’s over 2 feet difference between our heights. I will look like a rod if I stand beside him.

But what’s really interesting is to find out how big is his sleeping space. So, are you ready to find out which bed did Shaq used? Well, let’s get on with it.


Facts About Shaq’s Bed

You might wonder, depending on his size, how big is Shaqs bed. This is Shaq’s bed that appeared in a scene of MTV’s show The Cribs.

So, how big do you think it is? Here are the facts!

The prior outstanding NBA player, who stands seven feet tall and weighs 300 pounds, certainly needs 450 square feet to spread out.

Shaq’s bed is a 15 x 30 monster, which could use up almost 20% of the all-out floor space of the normal single-family home in 2010.

It’s crazily big and wide. I would love to roll over it and not fall at all completely.

Shaq was adequately liberal for us to see his home, especially with his little arrival cushion, yet what might be said about other NBA players?

Given that many of them are nearly as tall or even taller than him, do they have comparable bedtime demands?

The average size of an American mattress ranges from 20.3 square feet (11 times the surface of an NBA ball) to 42 square feet for a California King’s bed.

This is nothing compared to Shaq’s bed, which is often the size of a California King.

Because the average American’s space isn’t nearly as constrained as Shaq’s, it looks that Shaq requires the extra room.

Why not include a bed that is one-fifth of a tennis court area in a home with a basketball court?

Almost 20 players in the history of the NBA have been recorded at over 7 feet 3inches tall.

They are generally taller than Shaq and most likely don’t share his desire for humorously estimated beds.

Consider a situation where each of these individuals was expected to share a bunk in an oddly planned inn due to some unusual time travel visit.

I’ll give all of them a Shaq-sized bed area to accommodate them all.

A bed large enough to accommodate each of these individuals would take up 9,000 square feet in the territory.

It would occupy three identical tennis courts and occupy a fifth of an acre of ground.

It could fit 450 people if the NBA players were kicked out, and regular Americans could sleep there.

Given that an NBA basketball court is a guideline of 4,700 square feet, the beast bed could hold an NBA game with room for 215 onlookers.

Everyone may rest and call it a day after the game.


How Big Shaq Bed Is?

The mattress manufacturer seized the solicitation and as of late conveyed a 72″ by 98″ bedding to the Hall of Fame large man total with his Shaq Dunkman logo.

That is 14 inches longer than the all-around sizeable California King size.

Probably the greatest bed anybody will have at any point seen!

O’neal conceded that the very explanation he purchased the house was a direct result of the bed size.

It has a Superman logo inserted on its smooth cover.

Having Superman as his “symbol,” the 41-year-old ball genius has irregular hero logos around his home.

A 7’1″ competitor who is well known for his tremendous size and size-23 tennis shoes, Shaq has opposed the possibility of him “living huge.”

Instead of purchasing a house to accommodate his size, he bought a little dwelling place in Mount Dora, Florida, for $235,000.

It has five rooms, four showers, a wet bar, an amusement room, and cherry cupboards.

It is as yet unsubstantiated whether it is a present for somebody, a venture, or a substitution to his eight-room Moroccan dream bequest settled in Miami.



It’s fascinating to know how big is Shaqs bed. No matter how many times I see it.

Not that I see it in person, but in videos, it is amazingly huge.

I bet all of my family members could fit and sleep on it.

Maybe even we toss and turn around on top of the bed, we wouldn’t fall. Or so I thought.

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