How Big Is A Toddler Bed Mattress? Detailed Facts To Know!

Do you want to know how big is a toddler bed mattress?

You can discover it yourself by getting a meter stick and measure your child’s bed.

how big is a toddler bed mattress

Kidding aside, almost all mothers always prefer to buy enough or exact quantity of goods when they do shopping.

They were always trying to spend the money to the needs of the family and avoid spending on unnecessary things.

When buying a bed mattress, they prefer to shop for a suitable size for their children or them.

That is why in this article, we will tackle the actual size of a toddler bed mattress for easier shopping for the moms out there.


Toddler’s Age Range

To answer the, “how big is a toddler bed mattress?” the age range of a toddler must be stated first.

This information will help to estimate the size of the mattress needed to be considered as a toddler bed mattress.

From the moment we were born, we are considered infants until we have reached the age of one year old.

A child can be considered a toddler if their age ranges from one year old to four.

After the infant, phase is the toddler phase, and the phases or stages in life go on.


Toddler’s Average Height

As the age of the child increases, their growth proportionally increases too.

A child grows taller and produces more muscles to have a body that supports its growth.

For a toddler, the average height of a child ranges from 28 inches to 43 inches for male toddlers and 27 inches to 42.5 inches for females.

The height is dependent on the age of the toddler.

Initially, a one-year-old child has an average height of 27 to 31 inches.

His height gradually increases as time passes by until he reached the threshold age of four years old to still be categorized as a toddler.

Additionally, male toddlers are usually taller than female toddlers.

However, there are cases that female toddlers are taller than male toddlers with regards to age.

With the information given above, we can assume that the toddler bed mattress is estimated close to the length of the average height of a toddler.

We can assume that the bed mattress for toddlers has a length close to 43 inches to accommodate the average threshold length of the height of a toddler.


Width Of The Toddler Bed Mattress

The length of the toddler bed mattress has been solved already.

Now, the width of the mattress is a mystery.

As children this age often sleep to grow, they also tend to move a lot while sleeping.

This is why the mattress must have enough width to secure that the child is safe when sleeping, given that they move a lot.

For that reason, the width of the mattress must have a minimum measurement of 150% of the average shoulder width of a toddler.

With that in mind, We can presume that the width of the mattress is close to 28 inches.

It will guarantee the safety of the toddler while sleeping.

This can be estimated, or you can refer to the average body size chart of the child.

The user’s safety is one of the reasons why additional lengths must be required for these products. Safety comes first before anything else.


Actual Size Of A Toddler Bed Mattress

After all the deductions made, this part of the article will reveal the actual size of the toddler bed mattress.

The actual size of the said mattress is 28×52 inches.

This measurement is quite similar to the size of a crib mattress that measures 28×50 inches.

There is a reason why these two sizes of the mattress are relatively similar in terms of size.

Toddler bed mattresses and crib mattresses have considerably the same size because of the close age gap between the two stages in life.

Another reason is for the child to easily adapt to the new chapter of his life as a toddler already and not an infant anymore.

This will help the child make themselves comfortable with the new vibe of not having a crib anymore but having their bed already.

The assumed mattress’ size is very close to the actual size of the mattress.

Our deduction is a bit accurate.


Other Sizes Of Mattress

Except for the mentioned mattress’ sizes above, there other mattress sizes in the market.

These mattress’ sizes are for the adolescent to adults.

Mattresses in these sizes are quite big for a toddler or an infant.

The described sizes are the twin mattress size, queen mattress size, and king mattress size.

Stated sizes for the mattress are arranged from smallest to biggest.

However, if you include the crib mattress and the toddler bed mattress, the added two will be the first in line.

The overall arrangement of the mattresses will be crib mattress, toddler mattress, twin mattress, queen mattress, and king mattress.

Mentioned mattress sizes are just the basic mattress sizes in the market.

There are some other categories out there other than this.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that the stated information could embark knowledge to the readers of this writing.

The stated information answers the question, “how big is a toddler bed mattress?”.

May this article helped you in your endeavor.

Your time and effort are very much appreciated.

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