The Importance Of Knowing How Big Is A 50 By 60 Blanket

You might be wondering, “how big is a 50 by 60 blanket?” A 50×60 blanket is roughly 1.27 meters by 1.54 meters. Relative to a person, it is about the size of a small person, both length and width-wise. 


how big is a 50 by 60 blanket

People might sometimes call this blanket size a throw blanket because it is perfect for throwing over the couch or bed.


What Are The Different Blanket Sizes?

There are various blanket sizes in the market. 


Usually, there are standard sizes. You can expect to find these standard sizes in department stores and other big establishments. However, for small businesses and homemade crafts, there may be a slight difference in measurement due to the products’ hand-made nature.


Choosing the right blanket size may seem like a menial task. But the right blanket can sometimes make the most significant difference in a night of restful sleep.


Below are some other blanket sizes and their uses.


  • 28″ x38″

This blanket size is small and compact. It is typically used for babies since it helps keep them warm and cozy at night.  Because these blankets are small in size, they can also be brought along on trips. Babies appreciate having a safety blanket while they are inside a stroller in an unfamiliar place.


Aside from infant use, cats and small dogs can also use this blanket size. It can be used as a pet blanket or as a cover for a pet bed. Lastly, another use for this size is as a throw or accent blanket for couches and beds.


  • 60″ x88″

People with twin-sized beds will get the most use out of a blanket of this size. Twin-sized mattresses measure about 38″ x74″. 


This blanket can also be utilized as a throw or accent blanket on your couch or full-sized bed.


  • 90″ x88″

This blanket size is most appropriate for queen-sized beds. These are beds that measure about 60″ x80″. They are just a few inches smaller than the largest bed size, the king size.


Unlike the first two blankets, this one is relatively large. More than one person can sleep cozily underneath a blanket of this size. It’s perfect for sharing with loved ones.


  • 108″ x88″


This blanket size works best for king-sized beds. They are wide and long enough to cover two or more people sleeping on a bed with a measurement of 78″ x80″.


Why Is It Important To Know How Big Is A 50 By 60 Blanket?

As mentioned previously, the 50×60 blanket is the perfect size for a throw or accent blanket. If this is what you’re looking for, then look no further! This is the perfect blanket for you.


Additionally, this blanket is not just for aesthetics. It also has practical functions. Like all blankets, it will keep you warm on your bed or couch as you lounge and watch a movie. It also helps create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere in any part of your home.


How Do You Take Care Of A 50×60 Blanket?

Before you ask, yes, blankets do need to be washed. Since you use them every night, they accumulate quite a lot of dead cells and dirt. It is extremely necessary to maintain their cleanliness to prevent any irritation or illnesses and to promote personal hygiene.


Taking care of a blanket is very easy. Here are a few tips to help you keep your blanket in tip-top shape.


  • Wash regularly

It is generally recommended that blankets are washed once every two weeks, just like your bedsheets. This is because blankets get a lot of contact with your skin and are prone to dust and dirt buildup.


Most blankets are machine-washable. To be safe, check the tag for specific care instructions.


  • Keep out of direct sunlight

Sunlight is a natural bleaching agent. Prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight will eventually cause stains and discolorations on your blanket. Please keep it away from direct sunlight to avoid unwanted fading.


  • Brush your blanket

Some blankets require brushing to keep the fibers clean and soft. It also makes your blanket stronger. This is usually applicable to blankets made of wool. 


To brush a blanket, lay it flat on a clean and smooth surface. Brush it out with a soft-bristled brush to avoid undoing the weave. Use long, sweeping motions to brush your blanket along the longer side.


  • Store in a cool, dark place

When your blanket is not in use, store it in a place where direct sunlight can’t reach your blanket. Make sure the space is also cool. Heat and direct sunlight will cause the fibers of your blanket to fade over time.


If they are stored for a long time and come out a little stiff, you can put them in a dryer with a cool air setting for about two minutes. Doing this will help soften the fabric for use.



If you are still unsure on how big is a 50 by 60 blanket, just go back to the key points listed above. You can easily compare each blanket size and find the best one for you. If you are looking for something that can work as an additional design element while providing warmth and coziness at the same time, then getting the 50×60 blanket is your best option.