How A Hair Dryer Works? 4 Awesome Types That You Can Try!

Are you wondering how a hair dryer works? Are you eager to go to an event, but you cannot go with damp hair? Do you want to quicken the hair drying process? Well, stop worrying as a hairdryer can save you from all the problems. This fantastic piece of writing will provide you with detailed insight into the working and functions of a hairdryer.

A hairdryer is an electrochemical gadget that blows hot air on your wet hair, and the drying process escalates. Finally, evaporation occurs, and your hair gets dry.

how a hair dryer works

You can dry and style your hair with the help of a hairdryer. Both men and women enjoy this device. People with long hair need a dryer more than short hair because no one wants to sit with damp hair for hours, especially in winters. A hairdryer also fixes your hair in a needed position with the drying feature. My friends, there are more things that you should know, so without further ado, let’s start!


How Your Hair Dryer Works

A hairdryer contains two components; a motor-driven fan and any heating element. So, how a hair dryer works? Its working is explained below:

  • Plugin your hairdryer, press the “On” button present on the dryer. The current starts flowing through the dryer.
  • Power is supplied to the heating element. In simple dryers, the heating element is a metallic coil, but in the case of expensive dryers, the heating element is made up of ceramic or tourmaline material.
  • The power supply spins the small motor, turning on the fan.
  • The fan generates airflow. This airflow passed over the heating element and directed down the barrel of a hairdryer.
  • Air becomes hot after this process by forced conversion.
  • The hot air comes out of the hairdryer through the barrel.

You can control the airflow by the manual buttons on the dryer surface. The hairdryer also has small safety screens covering the air inlets, and it prevents your hair on another thing from sticking inside the dryer.


Types Of Hair Dryer

Before buying a hairdryer, you must know which material it is made of and how it works. Firstly, we will discuss the four main types of the dryer:


Type #1. Ionic hairdryer

The ionic hair dryer makes your hair smooth and silky. It is one of the most used hairs dryer types and is present in almost all the stores. When air passes through the electric current in this dryer, it generates negatively charged particles. These negatively charged particles attack the positively charged particles of water and dry your hair without losing moisture. These hair dryers give a smooth look to your hair but do not help style.


Type #2. Ceramic hairdryer

Ceramic hair dryers are a lot different than ionic hair dryers. This hair dryer is made of porcelain and ceramic material instead of metallic ones. The ceramic material helps to provide even heat to your hair. Additionally, these dryers don’t damage your hair. This dryer releases infrared radiations and makes moisture stay in the strands. They also generate negatively charged ions. One of the primary advantages of using a ceramic hair dryer is that it helps in styling and drying the hair. Therefore, a ceramic hair dryer is preferred over an ionic hairdryer. I guess it’s helpful to read about how to choose hair dryer.


Type #3. Tourmaline hairdryer

Tourmaline hair dryer is made up of a mineral known as tourmaline. It is a unique mineral. When force is applied to this mineral, it generates electricity. The tourmaline hair dryer produces both negatively charged particles and infrared heat, making it a mixture of ionic and infrared hair dryers. The tourmaline hairdryer is very quick and effective. Internal parts of hairs use tiny particles of tourmaline minerals. This dryer is very gentle and best for curly and rough hairs. It is 50 percent quicker than ceramic and ionic dryers. But it does not work well on short and thin strands. You may also be interested to know about what is a tourmaline hair dryer.


Type #4. Titanium hairdryer

Titanium hairdryer is made up of a metal named titanium. This hair dryer generates high heat suitable for long and thick hair but damages short and thin hair. It is quicker than any other dryer but is not very safe. Titanium hair dryers are very light weighted. 


It’s A Wrap!

A hairdryer is a commonly used equipment. Anyone who wants to buy a hairdryer must know its basics and work. So, how a hair dryer works? You can find the answer to this question in this article. Always buy a hairdryer that suits best to your hair. Many companies are making hair dryers, and you can find them in the nearest stores. Conair company primarily deals with the manufacturing of titanium hair dryers. Also, please follow all the precautionary measures while using a hairdryer. Never place your hairdryer in water, as you can end up getting electrocuted. When you put a hairdryer in your bathtubs or sinks, and it is not plugged in, the parts of your hairdryer can still get affected. Other than that, enjoy drying and styling your hair as you want by using a hairdryer. Read more about how hair dryers work.

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