Helpful Guide for Building a Recliner Frame

Building a recliner frame can be intimidating because of how complex it seems. However, with the right tools and helpful guide, you will have your own custom-made recliner in no time! We provide all the necessary instructions for completing this project from start to finish so that you don’t get lost along the way.


Building a Recliner Frame

Steps on how to Build a Recliner Frame

Step 1. Measure and cut the wood to size

Step 2. Drill the boards together using a Kreg Jig or other type of drill with screwdriver attachment. This will make for an easy time when assembling your recliner frame because you won’t need any nails! All you have to do is use screws in order to assemble your custom made recliner

Step 3. Cut the plywood to size and cut a circle in order to make your seat

Step 4. Once you have properly finished assembling your recliner frame, all that’s left is adding upholstery!

If you don’t know how to sew then we suggest purchasing soft leather from an upholsterer. This will give any chair  a luxurious look and feel.


What kind of Metal is Used in Recliners?

The metal in recliners is typically made from steel.


What are the Different Types of Chairs?

Typically, there are two basic types of chair available: folding and stationary. Folding chairs can be folded up into a compact form for easy storage or transportation purposes while stationary ones do not fold and require little to no maintenanced .


What are the Parts of a Chair?

There are four main components to any given chair: The seat, backrest, legs and arm rests. Without these key pieces in place, your whole design would be incomplete! It’s imperative you know which part goes where when constructing a recliner frame or it could result in an uncomfortable- to unusable -chair.


How do I measure a chair?

If you want to have your own, custom made recliner the best way is by measuring yourself. However if you are looking for something readymade, there’s always online shopping! Measurements can be found on any given site and will tell how much  space you have to work with.


What is the Best Fabric for a Recliner?

The best fabric for a recliner would be any type of leather that is not too thick. This will give you the most comfort and it won’t make the chair look more worn than necessary! You can also choose from cotton, denim or twill fabrics if the idea of leather isn’t your style. Just remember to keep in mind how  wide the fabric is and how heavy it may be to ensure you have enough.


How does a recliner mechanism work? 

The recliner mechanism works by lifting the footrest and pushing it back. This releases a cable or lever which activates a piston that moves your position from upright to reclined with relative ease! You may need help installing this type of system for the first time, but mastering use is simple after you get used to how everything functions.

What do I need to know Before Buying a Recliner? 

There are a few things you need to know before buying a recliner. First of all, how much space do you have?

If the room is small and cramped, it may be best to go with an ottoman style chair that doesn’t require as wide or deep of a frame. Second, what’s your budget for this project ? Recliners can get expensive, so factor that in when making a decision.

Finally, how do you plan on using the chair? If it’s to watch TV or read books while sitting up straight, an ottoman may be your best bet. But if you want something for more relaxing purposes- like watching movies and napping- then  a reclining chair is the better choice.


How far from the wall should a recliner be?

It’s best not to have the back of the chair touching a wall. This way, you’ll be able to get in and out without hitting your head on it!


How Much Does a Recliner Cost?

Recliners can vary wildly in price depending on what type you’re looking for- leather or fabric options  will cost more than a basic plastic chair. But the average price is around $500-$1000, with some going as much as $1500.


What is the Difference Between a Wall Hugger Recliner and a Regular Recliner?

Wall huggers are made to be more compact, and so they can tuck in closer against the wall. This means that you’ll have less space for getting up off of it, but it’s a great option if you’re tight on floor space!


How do I Clean my Recliner?

Cleaning your recliner is important – it’s the part of your home you’re most likely to spend a lot of time on! To clean, use warm water and dish soap- then just wipe down with a towel.


What is the Best Recliner Chair Fabric?

Fabric can also vary in price depending on what type you want- natural fibers like cotton or wool cost more but are more durable and generally softer.

You can build a recliner that’s sturdy and extremely comfortable, with the right materials.

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