How to Fix Creaking on Hampton Bay Swivel Rocking Chair

Hampton Bay swivel rocking chairs are one of the most popular types of furniture out there. They have a timeless design that just never seems to go out of style no matter how many years go by.

However, all good things eventually come to an end and this is true for your Hampton Bay swivel rocking chair as well. If you notice some creaking on it when you rock back and forth, then this article will help guide you through how to fix it permanently!

Hampton Bay Swivel Rocking Chair


Steps on Fixing Creaking on Hampton Bay Swivel Rocking Chair

Step 1. Remove the swivel mechanism and place it on a large work surface.

Step 2. Identify how many screws are holding the seat to the frame. Depending on how old your chair is, this could be anywhere from one to three for an older model or four to six for newer models.

Step 3. Loosen the screws in a diagonal pattern. Once they are loose, you should be able to pull up on them and remove all of them without having to pry any out with pliers.

Step 4. Gently shake the seat off from the frame by pulling away at both ends until it comes free.

Step 5. If there is rust present, use a wire brush to remove it.

Step 6. Clean the frame of any corrosion and use sandpaper to roughen up an area for new paint or varnish, if you want to freshen it up. If not, just let this step go by without doing anything else.

Step 7. Apply some rust prevention compound uniformly over all surfaces of the frame.

Once you have done this, reassemble your chair by lining up all the holes and inserting screws through them into their respective threaded nuts. Tighten securely but not too tight just in case there is a little bit more adjustment needed later on.


What type of lubricant do you need to use on a swivel chair?

For an outdoor swivel rocking chair, WD-40 or graphite will work. Graphite is recommended for heavier duty applications.


How do you stop swivel swivelling?

You can use a washer in between the mating surfaces of your swivel chair to stop it from swivelling. This is not recommended for any kind of outdoor application because you will need to take the washer off every time you want to move it and then put it back on, which can be problematic if there is a heavyweight on the chair.


How do you remove a swivel base from a chair?

Swivel chairs typically have a swivel base at the bottom of their legs. This is held on by screws and it can usually be unscrewed from inside the chair or underneath if you use an Allen wrench to remove them.


How do I keep my recliner from spinning?

One way to keep your recliner from spinning is by installing a set of gliders. These are found in the hardware or furniture store and they slide easily on top of chair legs. They hold it firmly in place so you can take pressure off the swivel base for some other projects that need attention while not risking any further damage to your chair’s joints.

There may be other ways to fix this problem, but these two solutions work well when applied correctly with minimal time investment involved.


How do you make a swivel bar stool stationary?

Use a dowel or drill bit the same diameter as the base of your stool and insert it into one leg. Use an L-bracket to create a stop for the other leg, or screw in some kind of stopper on top so that you have something solid to hold onto when you’re trying not to let it spin around while sitting.

You may also want to glue both pieces together with wood adhesive before inserting them into their respective legs so they don’t shift out because of how tight they are against each other.

Apply these techniques at opposite ends if you’re using more than one swivel bar stool next to each other at a desk or countertop area. Be sure that whatever technique is used applies easily enough without a lot of pressure or alteration.

Sitting on your chair and slowly rotating the seat with two hands will allow you to pinpoint where there is a creak that needs more attention–the legs may be rubbing against each other because they’re not properly fitted, for example.

This can often result in either small cracks forming along the seams between wood planks or pieces separating from one another if enough force is applied over time.


How do you tighten a swivel chair?

The easiest way to tighten up the swivel on a chair is by using an adjustable wrench, which can be found in most toolboxes. Simply remove the bolt from one side of the swivel, fit it into place onto another hole and then replace the nut. Tighten as necessary for tightening purposes.

The second option for how to tighten a swivel chair is to use an Allen wrench with the appropriate size screw. Again, remove the bolt from one side of the chair and replace it on another side while using an Allen key for tightening purposes.

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