The Ultimate Guide to Assembling a Wyline Power Recliner

The Wylie power recliner is a very popular and comfortable piece of furniture. The assembly process can be complicated, but some basic tips will make it easier for you to put the chair together.

In this article, we will cover how to assemble your wyline power recliner from start to finish!

Wyline Power Recliner


Steps on Assembling Wyline Power Recliner

Step One: Gather your tools and materials. You will need the following supplies to assemble a wyline power recliner: Phillips head screwdriver, drill with a bit for wood screws, pliers or long nose pliers, hammer, awl (optional), spring-loaded center punch (optional). The tool list is extensive because assembling a wyline power recliner requires a lot of work.

Step Two: Check the screws, bolts, and other pieces to make sure they are not missing or defective. You will want to do this while all the parts are laid out in front of you so that you can identify any issues before it becomes an issue during assembly. Start with the back of the chair, as it will be easiest to identify any issues.

Step Three: Assemble the seat frame and armrests. These are going to be screwed together with bolts so you’ll want them at a right angle before inserting them into place (using your spring-loaded center punch or awl if necessary). Once they are in place, tighten the bolts using your screwdriver.

Step Four: Attach the seat to the frame of the chair and attach it with screws at a right angle. Use your spring-loaded center punch or awl if necessary. You’ll want to make sure that you have all of these attachments in place before proceeding as they will be difficult or impossible to do after the chair is assembled.

Step Five: Attach the arms to the seat and make sure you are attaching them at a right angle with your spring-loaded center punch or awl before tightening screws. The final step of assembling your Wyline Power Recliner will be to attach it onto its footrest, which should already be in place.

Step Six:  Put the back of your chair on and use bolts to attach it.

Step Seven: Tighten all screws with a screwdriver.


What is Wyline Recliner?

A Wyline recliner is a chair that can be adjusted to lean back in various degrees, typically controlled by a lever on the side of the chair.  When someone would like to relax, they will use their arm or hand to push this button and then put their feet up on either an ottoman or footrest placed under them. The back of the chair will recline and a person can lean back to read, eat or sleep.


Wyline Power Recliner

A Wyline power recliner is how you get that feeling without having to push a button manually with your hands. The option for this type of chair gives it extra convenience as someone will not have to touch the buttons and can instead use their feet.

Wyline Designer Recliner

A Wyline designer recliner will allow you to look stylish while relaxing in your chair with its sleek design. It has a leather finish, which is one of the most popular materials for furniture because it is easy to maintain and does not need to be used near water.

Wyline Recliner Reviews

The Wyline recliners are reviewed on the company’s website and some other websites, such as Amazon. This allows for customers to get a variety of opinions about how they stack up against their competitors and how well they can actually provide comfort with its massaging features.

Wyline Recliner Lumbar Support

The Wyline recliner has adjustable lumbar support that can be moved to provide more back relief. Most of the time, this is how a chair will look when it’s first bought because no one knows their exact needs until they have used it for a while.

Wyline Recliner Armrest Support 

The armrest is adjustable as well, so if you find that it’s not at the correct height for your arms when they are on the steering wheel or just need a break from them being in one position for too long, adjust the support to how best suits your needs.

Wyline Recliner Massage Features

The Wyline power recliner has a multitude of massaging features. There is the traditional back massage, as well as a footrest for your feet to rest on when they are tired from walking or standing all day.

Wyline Recliner Cost

No need to panic about how much the Wyline recliner costs because dependable Furniture offers a wide range of payment plans.

For example, if you only want to pay for the Wyline recliner in monthly installments over two years instead of paying it off all at once, that is possible as well. There are also other options like how often you would like to receive your payments and how much money down before you can make your first payment.

Sadly, not everyone has the money to buy a Wyline recliner on impulse so this option is ideal for those who want to purchase it later down the road.


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