The Graco All Terrain Jogging Stroller: a Guide for Assembling

If you’re new to the world of strollers, then it can be a little difficult to know where to start. How do you even go about assembling one? It’s not as hard as you may think! There are many different types of strollers on the market today and they all have their own assembly instructions. In this guide we will talk about how to assemble your Graco All Terrain Jogging Stroller. We’ll also provide some tips for making sure that your stroller is safe before use.


Graco All Terrain Jogging Stroller

Steps on How to Assemble Graco All Terrain Stroller

Step 1. Remove the wheels and any parts from inside of box

Step 2. Take out all pieces, including instructions and accessories. Place them in order on the floor or a surface where they can be easily accessed by your child

Step 3. Follow assembly directions step by step. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right at first! Read through each instruction carefully before assembling to avoid making mistakes that could lead to creating an unsafe environment for baby. If you need help with something later, refer back to these steps

Once assembled correctly, fold up stroller so fabric is not touching metal frame then pull strap over top attachment and fasten tightly around seat post/metal bar (refer to photo)

Step 4. Attach wheel clips onto front swivel wheel. Make sure clips are over the rubber grip and that they are fastened tightly

Step 5. Attached front of frame to back with four long bolts – tighten them gradually, alternating between left side then right until tight

Step 6. Attach sunshade (or cooler) on both sides of stroller by attaching two plastic straps onto metal bar (refer to photo). For safety purposes it is recommended you check often for loose or missing parts before use. If something feels wrong, stop using immediately


How to Fold a Graco Roadmaster Jogging Stroller

Step 1. Remove any objects that may be inside of or attached onto the stroller including child, cup holder, toys etc., which can all hinder folding. Make sure these items have been removed and stored safely in another location before continuing on with this step

Step 2. Lift up on handlebar at back of rear wheels (refer side) until it locks into place. You will know when they lock because there is a click sound as well as an increased resistance when you try to move the stroller

Step 3. This step is recommended for beginners, but not necessary. It will help prevent injury if folded incorrectly and makes folding easier with future use: Hold onto handlebar at back of front wheels (side) and push/pull until it locks into place

Step 4. Fold up handles by pulling on them towards each other until they fold in on themselves. They should now be flush against the frame of the stroller’s body, making a U shape that forms an X when viewed from the top

Step 5. Turn over your Graco Roadmaster Jogging Strollers so that its underside faces upwards (or collapse down as much as possible). You may need someone else to hold this part steady while you finish the next few steps

Step 6. Next, unfold the back panel of your Graco Roadmaster Jogging Stroller so that it is now in an upright position. The front wheels will now be on either side of this back panel rather than inside it

Step 7. With both hands, pull up on the handles at the top of each seat while pulling outwards with them as well to completely remove one side from its locked position. Do not release until you can see a latch or button and have released any pressure being exerted by pushing down with your thumbs onto these latches/buttons

Step 8. Repeat these last two steps for all four sides (front left, rear right) before lifting frame off ground and mounting into wheel carrier base kit which should be facing the front of the stroller

Step 9. Lift handles and pull outwards for two seconds to engage wheel locks. The swivel wheels should now be locked in an upright position


What is the Best Jogger Travel System?

The best jogger travel system is one that you can use for many years. Whether you are a first-time parent or not, there will be changes in your life and needs as time goes on.

A good system should have the ability to grow with your family’s changing lifestyle without having to purchase different strollers each year.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing this type of product include: does it come with a car seat? How easy is it to install/uninstall from its base?, How much weight can it hold – both parents and baby?, How well do they work together off pavement (i.e., jogging), Is the fabric comfortable for all passengers, Will I need an extra storage basket if I am using this stroller for my toddler?, How rugged is it – will the runner be able to handle dirt and gravel with ease?


Features to Look Out For:

The Graco All Terrain Jogging Stroller has all of these features. The car seat comes included, which can allow a new mom to get outside sooner than she would otherwise. It also includes an infant head support that adjusts as baby grows taller (thus eliminating need for buying different seats).

This provides protection in any climate or weather condition, but does not prevent cold air from coming through the zipper when opened more then halfway. Lastly, this system works well off-pavement and on pavement alike.


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