Fruit Trees That Grow In Wyoming

The fruit trees that grow in Wyoming are composed of apples, apricots, peaches, pears, chokecherries, and plums. The state also has an extensive list of evergreen and deciduous trees that can grow in Wyoming’s conditions. And even if you’re not interested in the commercial growing of trees, you can plant a selection in your home garden for a personal supply of fruits. 

Did you know that you can grow fruit trees in the greenhouse? Wyoming has planting zones with ratings 3 to 6, so if your area causes drawbacks in planting, a greenhouse is your solution. Refer to and learn more about year-round farming or protection against frost using a greenhouse.

Fruit Trees That Grow In Wyoming

List Of Fruit Varieties You Can Grow In Wyoming


6 Fruit trees that grow in Wyoming


Apples, apricots, and pears

According to the University of Wyoming Extension, apples, pears, and peaches can thrive in Wyoming. You will notice that the varieties farmers use are standard rootstocks, dwarf, and semi-dwarf. This is because these fruit trees are hardy in cold weather.

For apples, you have at least seven varieties to choose from. Pears have six cold-hardy varieties, but remember that you need two different types for cross-pollination. It’s also worth noting that it’s possible to grow apricots like the Pioneer Chinese variant in Wyoming. 



A small fruit tree that you can grow in your greenhouse is the chokecherry. This fruit tree is even a Wyoming native, specifically the ones that bear green and yellow fruits. Because it’s a native, you can expect chokecherries to handle the majority of areas in Wyoming. 


Plums and currants

Chokecherries are not the only native small fruit trees in Wyoming. Plums are another option that you can be sure to be hardy in the state. There are at least five varieties to choose from, and you can also consider black currants since they can grow easily in Wyoming





Besides fruit trees, you can also grow an abundance of shrubs in Wyoming. In particular, the state is suitable for berries. Choose from blackberries, buffalo berries, chokeberries, elderberries, raspberries, strawberries, and serviceberries. 

If you need a prolific producer and hardy fruit shrub, the raspberries are best for this state. 


Can You Grow Peaches In Wyoming?

As previously mentioned, the University of Wyoming Extension has mentioned the success of growing peaches in Wyoming. However, the Contender variety is the only recommendation since it can tolerate zone 4. Most peaches are hardy in zone 5 or higher. 


Can You Grow Blueberries In Wyoming?

There are many berries that you can choose for planting in Wyoming. Sadly, blueberries are not one of them. Wyoming’s soils have a higher pH level than 7, and blueberries thrive on acidic soil. 

On the bright side, there are so-called mountain blueberries or Saskatoon berries that are perfect for Wyoming. 


What Trees Grow Best In Wyoming? 

Fruit trees are not the only trees that you can grow in Wyoming. A lot of evergreen and deciduous trees will thrive in this state as long as you consider the site for them. The various regions of mountains, plains, and deserts will offer different environments, and one must carefully select the trees for their areas.

You will notice that there are many evergreen trees to choose from since different species are hardy from zones 2 to 4. On the other hand, you’ll have plenty of options for deciduous trees. The species are hardy from zones 3 to 5, but regardless, the tree survival is affected by proper research and preparation beforehand. 


What Growing Zone Is Wyoming? 

Wyoming has growing zones with ratings 3 to 6, and generally, you have 115 days between the last and first frost. The advantage of growing crops in a greenhouse is that you can plant them indoors until the environment is suitable for them. Farmers can also maintain the ideal conditions for the plants if they opt to cultivate crops indoors fully. 


What Type Of Plants Grow In Wyoming?

Alongside trees, Wyoming is also suitable for some herbaceous perennials and flowering annuals. Most herbaceous perennials are hardy in zones 3 to 4, and it’s also possible to have an annual garden with proper planning or planting in a greenhouse. Wyoming is prone to having low humidity and rainfall, winds, and frosts, so protecting the plants from stress is crucial. 


Does Lavender Grow In Wyoming? 

Lavender is a hardy flower, and it grows in Wyoming. Farmers are even expanding in the state, so you will see herbal farms that have this flower. A lot of people are also looking into lavender farming in Cheyenne, the state capital. 



You can grow fruit trees for a personal garden or commercial use in the west. Apples, apricots, peaches, pears, chokecherries, and plums are the fruit trees that grow in Wyoming. You will also have an easy time choosing from a long list of evergreen and deciduous trees for this state. 

Since Wyoming is USDA-rated 3 to 6, it’s good to consider greenhouse farming for your plants. Indoor gardening can help your crops thrive amidst the frosts, winds, rainfalls, and humidity. Your proactiveness determines the success of your tree farm, and this includes assuming the challenges and making solutions beforehand. 

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