How Far Back Does Flexsteel Rocking Loveseat Recline

Are you thinking about buying a rocking loveseat recliner? There are a lot of questions you have to answer before getting the right one for your home. In this article, we will answer questions like how far back does flexsteel rocking loveseat recline


flexsteel rocking loveseat recline

What is a Loveseat?

It is a chair for two that looks like or resembles a sofa. It has the look of a couch and may comfortably accommodate two persons. Whenever there isn’t enough room for a vast sofa, but you still need to sit, they’re a fantastic solution!

There are other uses, such as the addition of a huge sofa or the addition of extra seats in the bedroom. Lovers in the past looked to be much different and more literally created than they do now. They were mainly oversized chairs with two seats arranged in an “S” shape; sitting was the polar opposite.


What is a Rocking Loveseat?

A rocking loveseat is a loveseat that reclines by lowering the back of the chair. The front of the chair is well elevated. It features a backrest that may be tilted. A footrest can grow manually or automatically under specific conditions. 

It occurs when the back is in a reclining position through a lever on the chair’s side. That is why in this article, we will tackle questions regarding flexsteel rocking loveseat. Especially the loveseat’s reclining function, issues you may encounter, and how to fix them.


What is Flexsteel?

Another thing we must also go through is Flexsteel since we are talking about Flexsteel rocking loveseats. Flexsteel Industries, Inc. is a global innovator in the design and production of high-quality home furnishings. A Board of Directors governs Flexsteel Industries, guided by a set of principles and values. 

The Flexsteel brand is available in over 1,300 shops across the country. In addition to partnering with online home shops, the Homestyles brand offers intelligent and affordable styles to clients directly. The company has been in business for almost 125 years.


How Far Back Does Flexsteel Rocking Loveseat Recline?

When you have a rocking reclining loveseat, think how far it can recline. Knowing this will guide you on where to place your rocking recliner loveseat in your room. Allow at least 4 inches between the back of a typical reclining sofa and the wall. 

Some wall-hugger or zero-clearance recliners may not require any space behind them. But, there are more oversized recliners that may need more than the necessary 4-inch clearance. Remember to provide enough room in front of your reclining loveseat for the footrest to rise.

Before the wall, a standard reclining chair needs at least 1 foot to extend. You may want to give it extra room, so the headrest is not practically brushing the wall when fully reclined. Consider these things when getting yourself a rocking reclining loveseat.

Second, what exactly is a wall-away recliner? The innovative architecture of wall-away recliners allows the chair to stretch into a more horizontal position. It happens even without having to move the chair’s base significantly further away from the wall. 

You should evaluate the amount of room required so that you may relax properly on your reclining chair. You should never position reclining chairs against a wall as a general rule. However, almost all recliners need some room to lean back comfortably without collapsing into a wall or surrounding furniture.




What is a wall-away or wall hugger recliner?

Wall-away recliners provide all of the seductive lounging comforts of owning a regular recliner without any of the bulk. It is thanks to a revolutionary streamlined yet unbelievably comfy design. A wall-away recliner or wall hugger recliner is distinct in that you can position it closer to a wall. 

This chair style is built on a track, so as you recline back, the chair glides forward. To put it another way, you’re leaning away from the wall. Wall-away recliners conserve space and are ideal if you don’t have much space but still want to recline.


How do you operate a Flexsteel recliner?

To recline, sit on the furniture and push the front of the button nearest to the footrest. Again, it is to lift and recline the footrest to any position effortlessly. To return to an upright position and lower the footrest, push the rear side of the button nearest to the footrest.

In order to raise or lower the headrest, simply push a button on the rear of the headrest. Press the rear side of the button closest to the backrest to lower the headrest. It is also applicable when returning it to its previous post.


How long are Flexsteel recliners expected to last?

They apply to the majority of low and mid-priced mass-produced upholstered furniture. It’s very uncommon for clients to say that they’ve had their Flexsteel furniture for 15 to 25 years or more. As a result, they are pretty pleased and want to purchase Flexsteel again in the future.



There are many things to consider when planning to buy rocking loveseats from Flexsteel, or any brand for that matter. This article discusses how far back does flexsteel rocking loveseat recline and some frequently asked questions. First, thoroughly research the products you want to buy and the company you plan to buy them on. 


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