Easy DIY Repairs for a Wooden Swivel Chair

If your chair is rocking, it may be because the base has become loose. This can happen over time due to movement from sitting on it or from the floor getting uneven. It’s easy enough to fix with a few simple steps! Here are some quick and easy DIY repairs for a wooden swivel chair:


easy DIY repairs for a wooden swivel chair

Steps on Repairing a Wooden Swivel Chair

Step 1. Apply an adhesive to the underside of each leg – this can be store-bought or created with a combination of glue and sawdust.

Step 2. Put some weight on it for about 30 minutes so that the adhesive sets properly in place. This could be something heavy like books, but you should avoid using too much pressure as doing so may cause the chair to become stuck in position.

Step 3. Once the adhesive has set, you can now remove any excess glue from around the leg with a damp cloth or paper towel. If your chair is rocking on one side and not two, it could be because only that one of its legs are touching the floor while all four feet remain off the ground.

This is an all too common problem. To fix this, you can either use a bolt to adjust how far the legs are away from each other or if none of the feet will go back into place, then just replace them with wooden dowels.

Step 4. To do this simply use your circular saw and cut off one foot so that it’s even with the height of the other leg.

Once this is done, you’re going to need a drill and some wood glue to attach them so that they’ll never go back out of place again. The first thing you want to do is use your pencil or marker and draw an outline around how large each dowel should be to fit over the top of your chair’s existing leg.

Step 5. After you have outlined, drill a pilot hole into it. You want to make sure that this is about halfway up the dowel and use how deep it needs to go as a guide for how large you should cut out sections from both sides so that they can be glued together.

Step 6. Once you’ve measured how wide the dowels need to be cut, go ahead and use your saw or jigsaw to make two cuts that are about one inch apart from each other on both sides of the outline. This will give you enough room for glue so that it can hold them tightly in place while they dry without any sliding.

Once you’ve cut the inside of both dowels, use a sandpaper block to make sure that they are smooth on all sides.

Step 7. After this step is complete, take your drill and place it in between the two half-circles so that it’s about an inch away from how far out they went when you first drilled them into how wide the dowels are.

Step 8. Using a drill bit that is about how wide your holes, start drilling into one of them and after you’ve made it to the other side flip over so you can do the same thing on this end. Take some wood glue and spread it evenly onto where these two holes meet each other in the middle to make sure that they stay together.

Step 9. After this, take some rubber bands and stretch them around each of the dowels so you can measure how far out these two points are from how thick your chair is on the top. Once you’ve got it where you want it, cut off any excess with scissors until there is no more rubber band.

Step 10. Take your wood screws and put them in, following the lines that you’ve drawn earlier to make sure they’re level with how far apart these two points are from one another. Once this is done securely tighten each of the screws down once it’s flush against where you want it on top so there’s no space in between and it will not wiggle.

Step 11. Put a screwdriver on either side of the dowel, then tap it with a hammer to make sure that you’ve got them tapped down as well as possible so they don’t come loose during use.


How do you change the base on a swivel chair?

Remove the fabric seat from your chair

Follow how to fix the base wooden swivel chair for how to remove the rubber band and unscrew the screws holding on the dowels. Remove these two pieces of wood that are at either side of where you want your new screw in place.

Take a new piece of wood, drill a hole for a screw in the centre, and drill the opposite side of the chair. Re-attach to your chair using screws

Put on a new rubber band that came with your swivel base kit. Place it as how to fix base wooden swivel chair demonstrated how to put on our old one. Add fabric seat to chair.


Why is my Swivel Chair Wobbly?

If your chair is wobbly, there are a few reasons it could be happening. First, try tightening the bolts on the base to make sure they’re tight and secure. If this doesn’t help, you may need new rubber bands for how to fix base wooden swivel chairs.


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