Why Dryer Wont Stop When The Door Is Opened? 4 Shocking Reasons!

Do you know why the dryer wont stop when the door is opened? If not yet, then don’t worry. We are here to help you out. The door safety switches on gas-heated or an electric clothes dryer gets trapped in the locked state if it stays to operate after the door is opened. 

Also, a defective cycling thermostat, dryer switch timer, and the faulty main control board are the main causes of this problem. Whenever your dryer won’t switch off even if you unlock the door, it’s typically due to an issue including one or more elements that have to be repaired.

dryer wont stop when the door is opened

If the dryer won’t switch off even while the door is open, disconnect it right away and don’t use it until it’s rectified. We’ll go through the most prevalent reasons for the issue and how to remedy them in this article. Let’s have a deep look at it!


Reasons Why A Dryer Won’t Stop When The Door Is Opened

Stop thinking more about why the dryer wont stop when the door is opened. Below we have discussed the main reasons that lead to this problem. Fixing the dryer that doesn’t stop is easy to handle, just by reading the solution of this problem you can fix it manually. Let’s begin!


#1. Defective door switch

A defective door switch is the first thing to look for as a potential source of the problem. Whenever you close or open your dryer’s door, the door switch will operate. When you close or open the dryer door, the door switch on most models and brands will click.

Checking the door switch is as follows:

The very first step is to unlock or shut the door, listening for a click as it closes. If you hear this sound, it’s a solid indication that it’s not broken. You’ll use a multimeter to check the door switch for consistency if you don’t hear a clicking noise or want to ensure it’s operating properly. Disconnect the door switch from the door before testing it. Using your multimeter, check for continuity after you’ve disconnected the door switch.

If indeed the switch has consistency, it is in perfect working order, and you may replace it in the dryer door before moving on to another part to examine. This would, however, have to be changed if there isn’t any continuity. Test that the dryer is operating correctly after you’ve replaced the door switch.

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#2. Faulty cycling thermostat

Another reason for this problem is the cycling thermostat. It’s certainly a timer issue if your dryer doesn’t stop when you open the dryer door. When you employ the auto dry option, which is included in most contemporary dryers, a cycling thermostat is used to adjust the timer automatically. While a faulty timer may still be the reason for a dryer not stopping on auto dry, you should also check the cycling thermostat. If it fails, the temperature within the drum, which tells the timer how long to dry the clothes, may not be effectively sensed. 

You should also be careful that a broken cycling thermostat might cause the heat to turn off completely.

This part is located adjacent to the dryer’s thermal fuse beside the dryer exhaust vent. It’s as easy as loosening the cycling thermostat and replacing it after you’ve removed the wire. After replacing the cycling thermostat, turn on your dryer to check whether it is working properly. 


#3. Check the timer

The timer is the next item to double-check. When the timer fails, your dryer may not switch off when the door is opened. It is extremely uncommon for the timer to fail, although it does happen occasionally. After you’ve verified each of the items on the list, check the timer.

To check the timer, do the following:

Check to see if the dryer’s electricity has been switched off. Track down the timer. To test the timer, take a multimeter with you. If there is no break in the continuity, it is operating properly, so go to the next part to inspect. You will, however, have to replace it if it completely fails. After replacing the dryer timer, don’t forget to check your dryer if it works properly or not. 

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#4. The defective main control board

Replace the primary control board as a last choice. It is not common for the main control board to fail, but sometimes because of the overuse of the dryer, it doesn’t work properly. Because it’s tough to test the control board, you’ll have to choose between replacing it and hoping it solves the issue or simply buying a new dryer. Your choice will be mostly influenced by the age of your current dryer and the expense of replacing it against the budget of a control board.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that from this article you will understand better why a dryer wont stop when the door is opened. Above we have discussed the 4 reasons and their solutions due to which this problem is occurring. By reading all these reasons you can easily solve this problem by yourself. Keep in your mind that the dryer door switch is one of the most common causes of this problem. Thank you friends for being with us at the end. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it with your friends. 

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