Dryer Makes Clicking Sound When Turn Off? 4 Surprising Reasons!

Are you looking for why the dryer makes clicking sound when turn off? Various sounds should be considered when running a cycle on your dryer. The noise of the revolving drum and the tumbled garments are both typical. 

You’re undoubtedly accustomed to hearing vibrations out from the engine, as well as a minor shaking because of your unsteady legs. On the other hand, Scarping, clicking, and Clicking noises are more difficult to miss.

dryer makes clicking sound when turn off

Whenever you experience the noise of metals hitting metal, your hearing puffs up, and the mind alerts you to the possibility of such other noises. Would that be a damaged dryer part or a worn-out belt? Is it the beginning of anything failing or the lost ball-bearing noise? Is it a typical sound produced from the dryer’s buttons or clothes? These are crucial inquiries to make. Typically, you can acquire the answers with your hearing and a little light research. Let’s have a deep look at the reasons dryers make a clicking noise!


Reasons Why Dryers Make Clicking Sound When Turn Off

The clicking sound always irritates you, but don’t worry; below, we have mentioned the reason for this sound, which will help you solve the issue. Here, in this post, you will come to know why a dryer makes clicking sound when turn off.


#1. Clothing hardware

Clothing hardware is the most prevalent source of an erratic clicking noise in the dryer. We’re talking about snaps, buttons, drawstring hooks, and zippers. Anything connected to rigid plastic or metal clothes can generate a clacking and sliding sound. The primary common source of such noise is zippers and metallic buttons on your pants.  Go for hoodies and garment zippers having extensive strips of small metal bits and a thick metal draw to tumble inside the dryer for the greatest metal scratching and clattering sound.

Drawstring charms are the final option regarding garment hardware. Charms and metal string tips can be found on hoodies and other ornamental garments with drawstrings, adding to the item’s flair. They, also, will whirl around on blow and collide with the dryer’s metal doors. Here are many techniques that you try to avoid this type of chattering. Turn inside-out garments, then close the zip of your hoodies. Use a hairband to secure wrappable and charm inside your sock.


#2. Items in pocket

Things in your pockets are the second greatest prevalent cause of dryer clacks. While washing, movement or dryers spinning, pens, loose cash, keys, lighters, pencils, and all such items are prone to tumble out of your pants pockets. It then slips through outside the dryer with said clothes until it comes to an end, where it begins to clack against the metal dryer walls in a rhythmic pattern along every spin cycle. It’s conceivable, though, the sound you looked for is hidden within your pocket.

Although the item does not appear, a little bag and a hard thing coupled can produce a somewhat muted clacking or light pounding sound with each spin.

Before tossing your garments in the laundry bucket, check your pockets. Also, check bags carefully before placing clothing into the machine to see if anything is still there. When items are cleaned and dried, they are prone to damage, and they may also harm the dryer and dryer. So, aside from minimizing irritating clicking noise, pocket etiquette is crucial.


#3. Loose panels

A loose panel is yet another source of producing vibration in your dryer, and due to this sound, your dryer makes a clicking sound when it turns off. The rear of the control panel, in particular, is the simplest and most commonly removed to repair. Because of immense use, sometimes any panel screws will be loose, particularly at the edges; the open corners might tap and rattle when you run the dryer. 

Also, double-check on the outer panels if you can’t figure out what’s causing your dryer to click. This might be the case if you see a loose corner. To prevent the possibility of the screw shaking loose again, tightened the nuts if and only if required. 


#4. Inspect the dryer vent

Last but not least, inspect your vent hose in your dryer exhaust. This is the duct via which your dryer’s air exits; your dryer becomes moist and hot. Some dryers contain flexible, gleaming silver tubing and a flexible duct that leads to the dryer vent. Other dryers have a duct that is permanently placed. When your dryer runs, though, anything connecting to it might rattle, and the chimney is made up of metal pieces. Check the flexible duct, brackets, and hose any loose pieces that might be the source of clicking sound. Because dryer ducts are frequently damaged, you need to change the broken vent and tighten the loose screws. Click on these links to read related articles; know how often to clean a dryer vent and how to tell if your dryer vent is clogged.


It’s A Wrap!

With hope, this quick instruction has helped you figure out dryer makes clicking sound when turn off and how to fix it. So, if you hear any clicking sound while turning off the dryer, all these tips work for you. But before doing any of this, make sure you have completely cleared all the points in your mind. Thank you, friends, for sticking with us! Know why your dryer is making a clicking noise.

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